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Ms. Hines True/False

No description

Emma Hines

on 29 August 2017

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Transcript of Ms. Hines True/False

Get to Know Your Teacher, Ms. Hines!
Did Ms. Hines get married this summer?
Does Ms. Hines really have 3 donkeys?
Yes! Technically, they live with my parents in Connecticut. Their names are Dumpling, Pippy Longstocking, and Miss Lydia Pinkham.
Does Ms. Hines really not eat meat?!
That's true-I don't! After I read the book Charlotte's Web, I decided I didn't want to eat meat anymore!
Has Ms. Hines ever been out of the US?
Yes! I have vacationed in Jamaica, Canada, Ireland and Italy. I also lived in France for an entire summer with a French family!
Is Ms. Hines scared to fly on planes?
I am! Flying is my biggest fear...
Does Ms. Hines speak Spanish?
Non! Je parle Francais! ...
Has Ms. Hines lived in VA her entire life?
No! I lived in Massachusetts until 5th grade, then I moved to Connecticut where I lived until college. I went to college in VA and didn't want to leave!
Is Ms. Hines' favorite animal a horse?
False! But it's a close second. My favorite animal is really a dog!.
Has Ms. Hines ever broken a bone?
True! Just one-my skull!
Does Ms. Hines have 2 siblings?
True! I have 2 younger brothers: Niall and Dylan
Not yet! I'll get married on October 7th!
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