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Art Journals:

No description

Elizabeth Freeman

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Art Journals:

Rebecca Lancaster
Elizabeth Freeman Art Journals: Your Story, Your Way Transform Art Therapy Travel Journals Class Novel Adaptations Round Robin Altered Journal Extreme Journals Scientific Journals Using various materials and methods, participants will transform an old book into a journal. We can begin a story together, but when and where it ends is up to you! Field Trips

Vacations Exquisite Corpse type entries Hatchet

Sweet Clara and the Freedom Quilt "Not concerned with making art"
"Houses your vulnerability" Collaboration between art teacher and classroom teacher

Human Anatomy

Paint Pages

Rip Pages

Make Pockets

Glue Stuff

Experiment with Text

Experiment with Taransfers Jenminnis.com Destinyvoyages.com DestinyVoyages.com
In an Extreme Visual Journal, we are after the rich interior. We are concerned with our own and unique inner, ancient wisdom. We want to find our voice, our style, and our flair for life by documenting our past, present and future in a book. We are NOT concerned with making art. We are NOT concerned with a product or pretty picture. We want to know how to unfold and in that moment, there is remarkable beauty on the page we did not know we possessed.

For Your Eyes Only

An Extreme Visual Journal is, in fact, a journal. So if your book is something you show to all your friends to prove what a great artist you are, it’s probably not an Extreme Visual Journal. Your book houses your vulnerability and it is not safe with everyone. You should feel a tinge of uncertainty like, “yes you can look at that but don’t read this part or no, wait a minute, maybe not that page...“ You should feel protective of your book’s incomplete images, meanderings, ramblings, highs, lows, angry scribbles, elated paintings and just plain ugly pages like it is your own child. It is. We are talking about the awakening or birth of your authentic self. Our Extreme Visual Journal is her safe house. You don’t have to wear make up, the right outfit, or impress your imaginary audience. Your book is your witness protection program where you can go and truly be yourself. This is the book that doesn’t need no damn embellishment or perfection. It is perfect in its natural state. It is the one place we can go that no one else needs to know about, see or get. This is our private place. A soul filling place. artfire.com The existing book can lower the anxiety created by a blank page

There is concrete evidence of progress being made

More and more counselors are turning to altered journals grief divorce character At this exhibition, viewers were also asked to add to journals in this show Be inspired by other artists work and input Collaborate among families Learn from your peers rozwoundup.typepad.com Ms. Heitzmann's Class is using the quilting pattern for the cover of their journal Devon loves working in her altered journal Here, John and Evan show off their knowledge of the book Cheyenne's flower Josh has done a good job of learning parts of a plant Paint Pockets Glue stuff Join in the fun!
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