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Of Mice and Men: John Steinbeck. Introduction of the Great Depression, Migration, Dust Bowl, John Steinbeck, the 1930s and relationship between George and Lenny

Colleen Bergin

on 10 April 2014

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Transcript of Webquest

Let's take a trip and go back in time.
For to understand the story,
Of Mice and Men
, we must first understand the era of the 1930s.
Enter the time machine and begin your journey, but before you do, have a pen and notebook handy to record all the things you learn.
You must write down at least 12 things you learned (3 things per topic) and write down at least 4 questions you have (1 per topic)
When you return to 2014 and to your English class, you will have an assignment to complete.
While on this field trip, you will learn about the following:
John Steinbeck
The 1930s and The Great Depression
Migrant Workers
Dust Bowl

Good Luck and remember to have fun!
Our First Stop is the Dust Bowl:
Next stop: the 1930s and The Great Depression






http://xroads.virginia.edu/~MA04/hess/Slang/slangsplash.html (slangs of the 1930s!)
Next stop: Migrant Workers

We're almost through, but before we hurry home, we have one last stop: John Steinbeck, author of Of Mice and Men


Now you've explored the 1930s and learned a bit about John Steinbeck. Hurry back to 2014 and discuss with your class what you learned!
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