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it happening and most of us dont see it or dont even know it is happening

Jerome Gan

on 26 May 2010

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Transcript of exibihtion

It's our fault and what are we going to do about it? Whats is happening? pollution! what causing it ? us! What we pollute is enough to make this! Take a guess on what this is ? It's this Now try this? Lastly a piece of art work! What's it made out of? it's scary what we dump out! we may think that we are not responsible When we buy somthing do we actually know were it goes? Result of pollution Cycles of pollution Toxic waste How we can help ? product waste a bottle of water actually has a longer life than you think pollution and waste
Not all our waste gets recycled It's a better choice We could help in lots of ways We could use both sides of a piece of paper like don't leave the tap running wash your dishes manually Use low energy lightbulbs Plant your own vegetable garden Don't smoke reuse recycle or borrow items so we don't have to throw out so much garbage There are many ways to help and just one person to make a change It looks like factories burning fossil fuels Let's take a closer look This is ridiculous It's toxic and it's waste How do they get in our water How do they affect us
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