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Christopher Columbus's Motivations

Christoper Columbus had a long journey ahead of himself. What kind of stuff would he travel for?Did he have motivations?

Lily Freel

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Christopher Columbus's Motivations

Christopher Columbus was an adventurous man. He sailed through the sea in an effort to find Asia for gold spices and supplies. While he was exploring, there must have been something to keep him up trying.
Oh Wait! There was! Christopher Columbus had been persuaded by motivations. God
Many people have a prejudice or attitude about different religions. Some people think that something a certain religion does it wrong because it is not what they are doing. But, the truth is that all people have different beliefs or points of view.
Some people have wars over Christianity. Some people are tolerant, though.
God can be a warrior that is worshiped or someone that might be a king of a kingdom. Kings or Gods can be a person that is used to be depended on for rules and laws. God is one of the three G's. He motivates. Christopher Columbus went sailing for the sea's and he had so many travels over very many distances. He traveled for Spain but he was Italian and the three motivations that persuaded him to keep trying were:
God Glory Gold GLORY
Christopher Columbus went exploring and sailed off to hunt for Asia.
The reason Columbus had sailed off for Asia was because:
He was looking for his spices located by the Silk Road.
He was motivated by the spices and that was an example of one of the three G's [God, Glory and Gold].
This was an example of Glory. Glory is something that somebody admires or would be satisfied with. Gold
Lot's of people are dying to get their hands on the green[$$$$$]. Not only us, but Christopher Columbus. This was another motivation from the three G's.
Columbus would travel and meet different cultures along the way. One of the most popular things to do back then was trade with other tribes. Often gold and salt were very usual but some other tribes had none. How the trading station works is how other tribes trade utensils that another tribe does not have. Rarely now, but usual back then, the tribes had more gold and salt. Christopher Columbus was a very hard working man. Lots of people have different motivations. Sometimes it depends which culture you are in or what you like. The three motivations are God, Gold and Glory. Motivations are an achievement, a goal. Lots of people want things and don't need them, but Christopher Columbus worked for it and when you work for it you deserve it! Christopher Columbus and his Motivations
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