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Lina María Pardo Velasco

on 13 October 2015

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* The use of music, is vital for the approach.


Suggestopedia include a rich sensory learning environment (pictures, colour, music, etc.).

* Use of a varied range of methods: dramatised texts, music, active participation in songs and games, etc.
The Disadvantages of Suggestopedia
The Advantages of Suggestopedia


Suggestopedia was originally developed in the 1970s by the Bulgarian psychoterapist and educator Georgi Lozanov (July 22, 1926, Sofia, Bulgaria – May 6, 2012) Suggestopedia is based on his early-1960s study of suggestion which is called as "suggestology".
Learner Roles
Teacher Roles
Role of Materials
The Role of the Abilities
This method is also called "humanistic approaches", suggestopedia was originally developed in the 1970s by the Bulgarian educator Georgi Lozanov.
* Respect and trust the teacher

* Consequence students feel more comfortable

* Secure and they learn better

* Students volunteer for a suggestopedic course
Teacher is the source of all information

Shows confidence

Respect and encourages face-to-face exchange and activity participation
Texts - tapes...
Texts should have force, literary quality and interesting characters.

Classroom fixtures and music.
Listening which is focused on relaxation through music. (Baroque music).

Speaking which is focused on dialogues to improve communication .

Writing which is presented explicitly and spontaneously and finally.

Reading in which teacher reads several times to student varying the tone and rhythm.
Students feel more relaxed.

Language learning comes more effective than conventional method.

They learn 3 or 4 times quicker than conventional method

There is an affective atmosphere.

Activates mental potential and student feel responsible for their own language.
Some can find classical music boring and irritating than stimulating.

Exaggeration of rhythm may be perceived odd and illogical, there may be physical.

Financial and environmental limitations.
Suggestopedia is a portmanteau of the words “suggestion” and “pedagogy". A common misconception is to link "suggestion" to "hypnosis". However, Lozanov intended it in the sense of offering or proposing, emphasising student choice.
* Comfortable environment
* Free Errors
* Homework is limited
*Peripheral learning
* Visualization
*Classroom set up

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