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Electronic Presentation Skills

No description

Kassidy McCann

on 31 March 2017

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Transcript of Electronic Presentation Skills

Creating a Path with Prezi!
I have never used prezi, so I thought this would be a good skill to learn and share! This is obviously necessary for a teacher to know if he or she is using prezi as a tool in the classroom. This skill allows the teacher to have control over the content.
How I learned the skill
Although you might think that what you see is what you get...
Create a Path
When using prezi, one of the first skills you should learn is how to create a "Path". This is necessary because a "Path" is essentially the order that the information would appear.
Even when you have a path set in a certain order, you can always switch it up by moving the slides on the left side around.
Electronic Presentation Skills
Kassidy McCann
New to Prezi
I actually made the mistake of skipping the tutorial of how to create the path so I was very confused when I was playing around. I decided to search YouTube and I came across a video with information on the path and a few extra skills as well!
What is a path?
The prezi Path Tool allows you to present information in the order that you set.
The Path tool might just allow you to throw in some surprises of your own!
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