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Male Fashion

No description

Hessel Devon

on 28 October 2014

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Transcript of Male Fashion

The Meaning of Elizabethan Clothing
The rank and position of Elizabethan men could be immediately recognized by the color and material of their clothes. The English Sumptuary Laws were well known by all of the English people.
The Meaning of Colors in Elizabethan Era Clothing

The table below contains full details of the meaning of the colors which were allowed to be worn by Elizabethan men in relation to their position, status or position. Bright and dark colours were generally more expensive to produce and therefore limited to higher status clothing. The meaning of specific colors which were allowed to be worn during the Elizabethan Era are further detailed in the above link.
Materials worn in Elizabethan Era Clothing
Elizabethan men were not allowed to wear whatever they liked! It did not matter how wealthy they were - the color, fabric and material of their clothes were dictated by their rank, status or position and this was enforced by English Law! These laws about clothing in the Elizabethan era were called Sumptuary Laws.

Male Fashion the Elizabethan Age
Sumptuary Laws.
They were designed to limit the expenditure of people on clothes - and of course to maintain the social structure of the Elizabethan Class system! The clothes that Elizabethan men wore were dictated by the Sumptuary Law as decreed by Queen Elizabeth I on 15 June 1574. The fabrics and colors of clothes which men were allowed to wear were determined by their position and rank! Some interesting facts and information about Elizabethan men's Clothing and the Sumptuary Laws during the Elizabethan era.
King,King's mother, children, brethren, and uncles
Any Clothing
Dukes, Marquises, and Earls
Doublets, jerkins, linings of cloaks, gowns, and hose
Above Viscounts, and barons, and other
persons of like degree

Cloth of Silver, Tinseled satin, silk, or cloth mixed or embroidered with any gold
Doublets, jerkins, linings of cloaks, gowns, and hose.
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