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Cloud identification

No description

Whipexx N

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Cloud identification

based on cloud observation

Weather prediction
This category includes Stratocumulus, Stratus and Nimbostratus
Low clouds
Here in Valencia not only the kind of clouds matters, the wind can sometimes be even more relevant
If the air comes from the sea, clouds will likely form and bring some water
The wind
From surface level to 2 km
Characterized by forming a series of parallel rolls
Greyish colour
Weak precipitation if any
From surface level to 450 m
Fog like appearance
Thin and smooth layer
May produce drizzle
From surface level to 2 km
Bottom often looks fuzzy
Large grey cloud layer
Steady all-day rain
This category includes Altocumulus and Altostratus
Middle clouds
From 2 km to 6 km
Characterized by forming a series of parallel rolls
Greyish colour
Little or no rain
From 2 km to 6 km
Sheet like appearance
Thin enough to allow the sun to be seen through
May produce steady rain
This category includes Cirrocumulus, Cirrus and Cirrostratus, neither produces rain
High clouds
From 6 km to 12 km
Characterized by resembling the ripples that water leaves in the sand
Clear white colour
From 6 km to 12 km
Appear as wispy streaks resembling strings, opaque patches or narrow bands
Clear white colour
From 6 km to 12 km
Thin veil appearance
May produce a halo around the sun
This category includes Cumulus and Cumulonimbus
Convective clouds
From 450 m to 2 km, but the top can be higher
Characterized by having the appearance of cotton puffs
Usually white
May produce brief light showers
From 450 m to 2 km, but the top can reach up to 20 km
Characterized by having an anvil shape
Usually huge and massive
Heavy showers, thunderstorms, hail, etc
The problem here in Valencia is that the wind almost never comes from the sea ;)
by Adrià Joan Marí Ferrer
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