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Holden's Taxonomy Project

Younger Girls

Kristen Virkler

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Holden's Taxonomy Project

Younger Girls Holden's Taxonomy Project Thesis The Skater Conclusion Phoebe
P. 149 "Little Shirley's Beans" Record
Paradox of children's song that sounds "Dixieland and whorehouse"
Ashamed child reflect Holden's isolation
P. 212 Phoebe saves broken pieces to "put Holden back together" The Carrousel In J.D. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye, Holden’s nurturing, loving and warm demeanor towards female children suggests how Holden reflects his own hesitation towards entering adulthood by preventing the traumatic shattering of innocence in young girls. Skater Girl at the Park P. 155
Indirect Characterization of Holden as nurturing
Paradox of Holden as nurturing even though he tries to convey a rough exterior Holden’s unconditional love for young girls a direct result of the desire to preserve their innocence.
His need to father these children from own past and ultimately from his refusal to mature.
Adolescent teens go through a psychological phase of utter confusion. Page 88 Holden's Description of Phoebe
Bias and unconditional love P. 275 Holden's epiphany while watching Phoebe
P. 273 "Have to let them grab for the gold ring"
Gold ring is a symbol of maturity
Carrousel ride song playing is "Smoke Gets in Your Eyes"
Carrousel rides move in a circular motion
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