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History-Guada y Manu

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gabriela meyer

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of History-Guada y Manu


In Tudor times sport was strictly controlled by the government. For example, only the upper classes were allowed to take part in tournaments.
These involved two armoured knights separated by a four-foot-high wooden barrier. Each knight carried a lance and the objective was to knock your opponent off his horse as he galloped past.
Henry VIII was a skilled jouster. However, in 1536 he was seriously injured while jousting and was forced to retire from the sport.
Henry also enjoyed playing tennis. In Tudor times tennis was played indoors and balls were made of leather shells filled with hair.
Henry was also a keen hunter. He often spent six hours a day hunting stags. Only nobles were allowed to hunt stags. Yeoman farmers could hunt foxes and everyone else hunted hares and rabbits.
It was important to the Tudor government that English people spent most of their time working. A law was passed in 1512 that banned ordinary people from a whole range of games including tennis, dice, cards, bowls and skittles.
In the early 1500s football became a popular sport in England.
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