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The Wright 3 Mt. Plot

Mt. Plot For The Wright 3

Nazar Simonchuk

on 27 March 2013

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Transcript of The Wright 3 Mt. Plot

Exposition: Climax/Turning point: Resolution: Falling Action: Rising Action 1: Rising Action 2: Rising Action 3: Setting: Hyde Park, Chicago, modern times
Problem/Situation: The Robie House is about to be destroyed.
Characters: Tommy, Calder, Petra, Ms. Hussey, Frank Lloyd Wright, Ms. Sharpe Tommy finds the stone fish in the garden of the Robie house after Ms. Hussey and her class do an investigation into the Robie house, and its destruction. Tommy, Petra and Calder find the Invisible man books, and decide that the are linked to the mystry of the Robie house. Petra finds one at the bookstore, and Calder and Petra find another one at the train tracks after seeing a strange "faceless" man on the train. Ms. Hussey's class teams up to save the house. They taped copied masterpieces to carboard and cut them into pieces, just like the University planed to do to the Robie house. After this Tommy, Calder, and Petra team up to save the mystery of the Robie house, and solve its mysteries. Tommy, Calder, and Petra sneak into the house at night to plant a baby moniter into the Robie house so that they can spy on anyone who might be inside the building. They get caught inside by Black Glasses and Thin Head, who are plotting to steal from the house before it was destroyed. They learn that they are going to be killed so that they won't reveal any secrets. The team takes a dash for it and end up on the roof. Then the roof seems to shudder, and Thin Head and Black Glasses fall off. The police catch Black Glasses and Thin head after they fall off the roof. The Wright Three and the police the find the jade fish in Black Glasses' pocket. The Wright 3 Author: Blue Balliett
Illustrator: Brett Heliquest Conflict: Man vs. Society

Man: Tommy, Petra, and Calder
Society: The people bent on destroying the Robie house Tommy, Petra, and Calder sell the jade fish to the art museum to pay for the restoration of the Robie house. Tommy and his mom move in to the Robie house to become the caretakers.
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