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Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

No description

on 26 February 2014

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Transcript of Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

clumsy, tall, middle child
kind hearted
biggest hope= perfect family
Pearl's favorite
life = restaurant
care taker of the family
Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant
Central Conflict: Beck's departure
Each member of the family is affected differently
History repeating itself
Pearl's high expectations for her children
Literary Content
envious of Ezra
always blaming Ezra
hungry for money and wealth
black sheep
protective/ had to step up as the father
struggles with subconscious guilt
learns from Beck's mistakes
gains some closure and begins to make peace with his past
youngest child, only girl
Pearl has highest expectations for her
successful in her work
struggles with connection (multiple divorces)
unsure of what she wants/who she is
high expectations for her kids
wanted her kids to be dependent on her
never tells the kids that their father left
blames herself for her children's upbringing
By: Anne Tyler
Presented by: Erin Bozek & Mariela Marquez
Anne Tyler's Life
Pearl Tull & Beck Tull
caused the family to travel many times
leaves the family
sent money monthly
central cause of the conflict
Minor Characters
Born in Minneapolis, MN on October 25th, 1941
Grew up in Quaker communities in North Carolina
Did not begin school until age 11
Grew up feeling very isolated, which is reflected in her characters
Married Taghi Modarressi and had two daughters, Tezh and Mitra
Continued to lead a very quiet, private lifestyle, even though her name became very well known in literary circles
Did not let her winning of a Pulitzer Prize go to her head
Spouses: Ruth (Cody's wife), Joe (Jenny's husband)
Jenny's ex-husbands
Children: Luke (Cody's son), Becky (Jenny's daughter), Slevin (Jenny's step-son)
Conflict Resolution
Point Of View
Literary Criticisms/ Importance of the Novel
Each character is able to display how their father's absence affected them
each character recalls memory that shaped them into who they've become
non-chronological order - "disorganized" structure symbolizes the chaos that families face (no such thing as a perfect family)
Dinner Table: Reunites the family yet causes conflict every time
Recorder: Ezra's childhood/happiness - stops playing when he loses both Ruth and Mrs. Scarlatti
Cody's Farm: For a while, the farm is Cody's dream home to raise a family.
-the farm is isolated, essentially how his family was isolated.
Family Dysfunction/Unity: -Hatred and Jealousy
-the family is never really together
-occasional moments of peace and happiness
-conflict always separates the family
-reunited at the end
Feminism: -Pearl is isolated and independent
-Single mother bringing up three children
-works to support her family
-Jenny seeks education
Importance of Family: books teaching = families aren't always perfect.
family meals are simple but can go a long way

Blindness: As Pearl grows old, becomes blind
-she can no longer see her children as adults
-only remembers them as kids
Peace with the Past: -each child struggles with the absence of Beck
-time, along with Beck's return, help the children deal with their issues
-all, especially Cody, come to remember their childhood in a positive light

Why did Beck leave?
Time = maturity
Differing Family Struggles: -children grow up experiencing the same events (ex: Beck's departure)
-each child is affected drastically differently
-Cody = "obscure guilt" Ezra = "want of desire"
Jenny = "fear of connection"
-children learn to move on, not dwell on the past, learn from mistakes

Importance of moving forward: learning from the past = not dwelling on the negatives
Foreshadowing - Pearl's abuse continuing in Jenny years later, Beck's letters to Pearl being used to keep track of his location
Irony - Beck's return, Cody's sarcasm, Pearl's reluctance to tell the children about Beck's departure
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