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Exxon Valdez & BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

No description

Ellen Duane

on 26 May 2011

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Transcript of Exxon Valdez & BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

Exxon Valdez What happened? Oil Spread Water Clean Up Beach Clean Up Final Damage Economic Impacts Continuing Problems Charges to Exxon Exxon Response Lessons Learned Deepwater Horizon Spill What happened? Damages Ecological Effects Economic Effects Clean Up Costs May 24, 1989 Prince William Sound, Alaska Vessel impaled on Bligh reef 11 million gallons of oil escaped Oil on 1,300 miles of coastline Started by Bligh Reef March 26th storm & spring tidal fluctuations Increased oil distribution Turned a lot of oil into mousse Problems Barge to recieve skimmed oil was damaged Booms to contain oil & mechanical skimmers - insufficient Dispersants didn't work with "mousse" oil after storm 15,000 to 30,000 gallons of oil were collected using fire booms Skimmers Bioremediation Using microoragnisms to remove pollutants 2004 study showed many fish & wildlife species have not recovered 58% of sites still had oil buried under the surface ExxonMobil immediately & voluntarily paid $300 million
to more that 11,000 Alaskans & buisnesses affected $125 million was for clean up $12 million to North American Wetland Conservation Fund $13 million to the national Victims of Crime Fund Explosion on Deepwater Horizon offshore oil platform April 20, 2010 April 22, the platform sank 1,500 m 86 days later, July 15, BP finally stopped flow of oil into the Gulf 28,958 square miles covered in oil Dolphins
51 collected in the spill zone
47 of those were dead June 9, 2010:
BP said cost was about $1.43 billion May 16, 2010 BP Chief Tony Hayward said Birds 
1,746 birds collected
1,014 of these visibly oiled
997 birds were dead
749 were captured alive Sea Turtles
528 collected
400 were dead
128 were alive 6,300 response vessels 6.7 million ft. of boom deployed 1.345 million gallons of dispersant used 13.5 millions of oil recovered Construction of sand berms Controlled burns Government estimate: Spilling at 5,000 bbl/day Actually found to be 52,700 bbls/day - 62,200 bbls/day BP gave Florida...
$25 millions for disaster preparation & response
$25 million for tourism advertising Fishing & shrimp harvesting in the gulf is major source of income & recreation Tourism in gulf dropped Florida worst case scenario:
Could cost $10 billion and put about 195,000 people out of work June 1, 2010:
BP lost 15 percent of its market value during the day’s trading "we are prepared to pay above $75 million on these claims and we will not seek reimbursement from the U.S. Government or the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund." Sprayed oil back into the sea then caught in boom Manual pick up with shovels, bulldozers 1,000-2,800 sea otters 
302 harbor seals
350,000 and 600,000 seabirds Oil Spill Trustee Council recognizes 30 resources or species injured by spill 2001 survey
Looked at 91 sites, 7,796 m of shoreline Mass mortalities Loss in recreational sport fishing Loss in tourism High replacement costs of birds & mammals Vessels highly monitored when
they move through the Sound All tankers must be doubled-hulled by 2015 Contingency plan includes a scenario of 12.6 million gallons Drills are held in the sound each year Better skimming system, better booms,
and increase in barges to hold
818,000 barrels of recovered oil Containment booms Works Cited [Untitled photograph of an oiled seabird]. Retrieved May 5, 2011, from: http://faculty.buffalostate.edu/smithrd/PR/Exxon.htm [Untitled photograph of BP oil spill pelican]. Retrieved May 8, 2011, from: http://www.lgbtpov.com/2010/06/the-daily-beast-obama-knew-in-late-april-how-bad-the-bp-oil-spill-would-be/ [Untitled photograph of BP protestor]. Retrieved May 8, 2011, from: http://www.themaritimelawyer.com/is-media-public-interest-in-bp-oil-spill-waning/ [Untitled photograph of burning Deepwater Horizon]. Retrieved May 8, 2011, from: http://www.eoearth.org/article/Deepwater_Horizon_oil_spill?topic=50364#gen6 [Untitled photograph of Exxon logo]. Retrieved May 5, 2011, from: http://www.eoearth.org/article/Exxon_Valdez_oil_spill?topic=58075 [Untitled photograph of Exxon Valdez oil spread]. Retrieved May 8, 2011, from: http://faculty.buffalostate.edu/smithrd/PR/Exxon.htm [Untitled photograph of Exxon Valdez vessel surrounded by containment boom]. Retrieved May 5, 2011, from: http://www.eoearth.org/article/Exxon_Valdez_oil_spill?topic=58075 [Untitled photograph of pit showing oil]. Retrieved May 5, 2011, from: http://www.eoearth.org/article/Exxon_Valdez_oil_spill?topic=58075 [Untitled photograph of Valdez beach clean up]. Retrieved May 5, 2011, from: http://faculty.buffalostate.edu/smithrd/PR/Exxon.htm Cleveland, C.J., Hogan, C.M., & Saundry, P. (2011, February 10). Deepwater horizon oil spill. Retrieved from http://www.eoearth.org/article/Deepwater_Horizon_oil_spill?topic=50364#gen6 Cleveland, C.J., & Suandry, P. (2010, December 20).Exxon valdez oil spill. Retrieved from http://www.eoearth.org/article/Exxon_Valdez_oil_spill?topic=58075 Offshore disaster. (2010, September). Retrieved from http://www.greenpeace.org/usa/Global/usa/planet3/publications/gwe/2010/economical.pdf
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