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Tom Sawyer vs. Prince and the Pauper

No description

Toad Todd

on 7 February 2013

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Transcript of Tom Sawyer vs. Prince and the Pauper

Summary KayLee Todd Tom Sawyer
Prince and the Pauper Tom Saywer
The Prince Character Contrast Specific Examples Remember the time Tom and Huck went to look for buried treasure?
That is kind of like the time when the Pauper went to go beg and received five six-pence (a small fortune for a beggar child) The Adventures of Tom Sawyer is
more kid-friendly (much harder
to read) than Prince and the Pauper. Tom Sawyer Prince and the Pauper Compare and Contrast Difference: Tom loves to make trouble
The Prince doesn't try to yet by claiming he really is the prince he invites people to make fun of him. Same Tom and the Prince both have a natural sense of authority
They try to make people believe what they say yet most of the time people don't believe them Huck Finn
The Pauper Differences Similarities Huck Finn was satisfied that he was poor
The Pauper wanted to be a prince and see all the riches being a prince come with
Huck didn't have a family
The Pauper did but he didn't like his family (his dad and grandma) Huck and the Pauper were both poor
Both children
They both like to play pretend (pirates for Huck, Prince for the Pauper) They both have good helpful morals and themes The Prince in the Pauper and Tom Sawyer are both coming of age novels because the main charcters in each book expand because of the events in the story. Any Questions? Thank You for watching! What is Prince
and the Pauper
About? You know most of the story,
a pauper boy and a prince switch clothes.
But what about the details? After they switch clothes the Prince is kicked out of the palace and told to go live his beggar life. The prince can't get back in the castle and is forced to find his way to the pauper's house. The prince is faced with troubles such as people calling him mad and dangerousness of a beggar's life. The pauper is forced to live the
life of the prince, or later when the king dies, the life of a king. He faces troubles such as proper manners. The castle staff is told the prince has gone mad. The boys eventually reunite after several months and both are grateful to get their old life back. Themes:
Tom Sawyer: how a young boy comes of age by learning simple morals (lies, golden rule)
Prince and the Pauper: how two young boys learn how diffucilt is is to survive in a strange environment Writing Styles:
Tom Sawyer: old time, short chapters, kid-friendly, episodic novel

Prince and the Pauper: very old time, long chapters, old-time language (thy, thee), episodic novel
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