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Ms. Crockett's How To Make a Prezi

How to make your prezi shine tutorial

Lisa Crockett

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Ms. Crockett's How To Make a Prezi

I do NOT know everything about Prezi. Before I get started I would like to make something clear These are just the basics If you have any questions, you can click on the LEARN
section of the Prezi website. Thank you Second...
PATH!!! An easier way to connect is when a new slide pops up click the check button. If you want to delete it press the garbage can. First off...
Theme!!! If you want things to be simpler than go to the side bar and drag
the slide up or down. Third is...
Frame!!! Path connects all of your prezis together. Using path you can change the order of your slides. Drag the number you want the slide to be to that slide. Let's say you want slide five to be six. Let's say you want to
move slide
twelve to sixteen. Also you can connect the slides together 2 1 3 4 When you click the theme button, many themes will come up. Some are Cute Theme, Blue Theme, Athletic Theme, Recycle Theme, Summer Theme, Sketchy Theme and many more! Also there is a section called Theme Wizard. You can change the background color, font, font color, marker color, bracket color, and arrow and line color. MAKE SURE THAT YOUR THEME FITS YOUR TOPIC. On frame you can group pictures, words or really anything together. How to Make Orange Popsicals. How to Make an Orange Popsical ... than that was. This is so much easier... Fourth is... Insert. When using Insert you can Insert images, Power Points, You Tube videos, drawings and diagrams, and files into your prezi. First click Insert. Then click image, then type in the search box what you want to search for. To Insert an image . . . Click on Insert. Then click on Power Point. To Insert a Power Point . . . Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hola – Spanish
Bonjour – French
Bonjourno – Italian
Gouten Tag – German Hello in any other language Hel-lo – a greeting or response

“Hello!” Ellen cried when she saw Marci. Definition Synonyms – hi, hey, ‘sup, how’s it going, yo, greetings, salutations.

Antonyms – Goodbye, bye, later, see ya later, until we meet again, ta-ta, come back soon. Synonyms and antonyms When you download a Power Point, the font and backround changes to the ones of your prezi. Each Power Point slide becomes a prezi slide. That used to be a Power Point. Comic
GET Fuzzy This You Tube Video won't work because we're at school, but it's about Get Fuzzy. First click on Insert. Next click on You Tube. Then type the link of the You Tube video you want to watch. To Insert a You Tube video . . . First click Insert. Next choose the
one you want. For diagrams and drawings . . . Two Three (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr First click insert. Next click file. Last, click the File you want. For file . . . Note: files can be anything. Pictures, vidoes, etc. Also you can Insert arrows, lines, shapes, and your drawings and highlights. To get there:
First click Insert. Then click Shapes. These are the finishing touches
to add to your Prezi: Do not put to much text on one slide or it will be boring and look like this.

hgedgfewgfyhvbhsdjhf hfjhfujhur hsduweh hu duhu h u h vuheuw rhuhu uhufhuhe fhufheuwhfufhueuwuf hewurhf hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmkjuwehruwhue756trty6yuyjuri4yugf6c8igyfcu67io67yu67loyu5kj4tfh4jm3tujfyd67yfhcgx5t7yc5juf6ygt7die87tryfyuhthhuuuhjdsiutfhuwe ufhuiwehfuiwehuiehrui heufhwe hewu fhefuehf wuhef efeuhf
x1000 worse jdfszgbkkkky 568conc89647yc7yc7yc7yc6hkkktrjs Please make sure that you use a very readable size, font, and color on every slide. DO NOT put too many slides in your prezi unlike what I am doing. yes, I want to keep it no, I want to trash it. (these icons alternate) You'll be saying "Where is the text . . ." NO BUSY BACKROUNDS Font: should be at least 20pt.
Make sure you have high contrast with the text
and the background- Ex: Dark on light or vis versa Remember to make it interesting,
Tip_ be sure to tell your audience a story about your content. Don't just read it to your audience. Like this. Not like this. Using the Zebra you can make things bigger, smaller, delete some thing, and add to the text. Thanks for watching!!!!!!!!!! . . . Because you'll be focused on the backround.
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