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Khalil Filali

on 17 February 2016

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Definition of the renewable energy
Why the green technology?
Types of the renewable energy

-Solar panels
-Wind farms
-Biomass power plants
-Hybrid cars
-Self-sustaining home

Definition of the renewable energy
Renewable energy is generally defined as energy that comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale.
Types of the renewable energy
These energies are coming from :
geothermal heat
Tides Waves Geothermal heat
The solar panels
*Its utility:
Wind farms
*Its utility:
Biomass power plants
*Its utility:
Hybrid cars
*Its utility:
Self-sustaining homes
*Its Utility:
Why the green technology?
We should realize that, for centuries, we have been harm to our mother earth, especially in the late 80's. And today, it is our responsibility to march a step ahead to save the environment and make our earth free from any harm or danger. We should understand that destroying the environment, can lead us into situations which can be irreversible. That's the reason why the human created the green technology based on the renewable energies.

Using environmental technologies, could reduce the usage of fossil fuel, which is very harmful and destroy to our environment. The scientist proven that, the energy production from green technology will be higher than fossil fuel sources of energy like oil, gas in the future.

Today, more and more organizations, industries, and regulatory bodies are looking seriously for the Green Technology, as it is become imperative today. Environmental technologies uses non-polluting practices to produce things and materials which are non toxic. Green technology are environment friendly rather than harmful.

By applying these environmental technologies one can make their effort to help the environmental heal from the pollution which is hurting our planet day by day.
Built with light weight materials, these cars are very compact in size. When the vehicle stops at a traffic light, the engine turn off and restart whenever the car if put into a gear.

The batteries of the electric motor get recharged themselves by using the energy generated during braking.

Environmentally Friendly: One of the biggest advantage of hybrid car is that it runs cleaner which makes it environmentally friendly

Fuel Efficiency: The hybrid car requires less fuel to run for its intelligent use of oil and electric engine. With the best fuel efficiency ratings, it is one of the most fuel efficient cars today

Low Maintenance Cost
Driving a hybrid implies that you are dynamic in guaranteeing the environment is clean and that you care for your planet. It also indicates that you are a responsible citizen who wants to save fuel which is valuable
Some other countries has foreseen the earths' energy resources depleting fast, in the next 20 years, we have to rely on alternative sources of energy. The sooner we realize the importance of using environmental technologies, the better it will be for our planet and environment.
More than four decades ago, a lone architect had what must have seemed at the time like an impossible dream: to build a new kind of residence that would be in complete harmony with the planet;

-This home would be made with recycled and sustainable materials.
-It would rely on clean energy and renewable resources to supply its inhabitants with the most basic and essential of needs.
-It would be designed to be affordable and utilize construction techniques that are so simple that anyone could build it.

(Electrical Engineering) a panel exposed to radiation from the sun, used to heat water or, when mounted with solar cells, to produce electricity direct, esp for powering instruments in satellites
solar panel
How do the wind turbines work ?
A wind farm or wind park is a grouping of wind turbines in an area.

Wind farms are placed in areas of consistent and less turbulent airflow. They may be land based (on shore) or out at sea (off shore), either on platforms or on pillars coming from the sea bed
Hybrid cars are sometimes mistakenly confused with electric vehicles. Hybrids are most often gasoline-burning machines that utilize their electric bits to collect and reuse energy that normally goes to waste in standard cars. Theoretically, diesel-electric hybrids would be even more fuel-efficient, but hybrid systems and diesel engines both represent extra cost. So far, installing both in the same vehicle has proven to be prohibitively expensive.
-Biomass energy is generated from organic material, plant or animal waste, which is burned to provide energy, heat & electricity. Since they come from living sources, these products potentially never run out which makes biomass a renewable energy source.

-The burning of biomass does release carbon dioxide but captures carbon dioxide for its own growth. Carbon dioxide released by fossil fuel is released into the atmosphere and are harmful to the environment. Many energy sources struggle to control their carbon dioxide emissions as these can cause harm to the ozone layer and increase the effects of greenhouse gases.

-Using biomass as an alternate source of fuel reduces our dependency on fossil fuels which is better for the planet and more cost effective.
-Biomass is cheap and readily available source of energy. If the trees are replaced, biomass can be a long-term, sustainable energy source.
-By burning biomass for energy, we can take waste that is harmful to the environment and turn it into something useful.
-Around six million tonnes of wood is wasted by being sent to landfill in the UK each year. This wood could be used in biomass boilers to heat homes and factories etc.
Autonomous buildings can increase security and reduce environmental impacts by using on-site resources (such as sunlight and rain) that would other wise be wasted. Autonomy often dramatically reduces the costs and impacts of networks that serve the building, because autonomy short-circuits the multiplying in efficiencies of collecting and transporting resources. Other impacted resources, such as oil reserves and the retention of the local watershed, can often be cheaply conserved by thoughtful designs.
Biomass power is carbon neutral electricity generated from renewable organic waste that would otherwise be dumped in landfills, openly burned, or left as fodder for forest fires.
Therefore, the environmental technologies is not just important to us, but mandatory too in the coming years, and expected green technology will extend into more areas, to creating and produce products that are safer and more beneficiary to the environment.
Solar radiation can be converted directly to usable energy through a variety of technologies such as the CSP and the PV.

stands for concentrating solar power is a type of solar thermal technology that converts the light received from the sun to heat that will be used in what is known as small-scale applications like heating water for residential purpose.
stands for photovoltaic is a type of energy that converts light to electricity rather than turning it into heat that will generate electricity.this type of energy is used for large-scale applications such as powering cars and commercial applications.
This vision was the beginning of what is now known as the Earthship – a remarkable feat of sustainable living. The environmental, economical, and ethical reasons for living in an Earthship – or any self-supporting home for that matter – are abundant. Whether you are breaking ground on a new home or would like to incorporate these concepts into your existing dwelling, read on for a breakdown on the principles of the self-sustaining home.
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