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Circulatory System Disease or Problem Essay Review

This is a guide looking at some pf the problems students had with their essay .

Glenn Jenkin

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Circulatory System Disease or Problem Essay Review

Circulatory System Problem or Disease.
Assessment Criteria A & B
Make sure you read the guide
Diagrams and pictures
Your view (Ethics)
Follow the Essay structure
Examples of factors
Key questions you need to answer
When looking at problems pictures
and diagrams make it clear
These must relate to your country.
The cost of medication/treatment
compared to the average income.
Will the person be able to work or need to spend lengthy time in hospital (insurance?)
What do you think of the situation?
Perhaps suggest some changes?
Use the Havard System documents can
be found on managebac and examples on guide
Figure 1: Diagram showing fatty deposits in arteries (British Heart Foundation 2012)
If the writing is too small do not include it.
Typical person from your country
Use numbers (data) to back up your statements
for example: if you say the cost of treating the
the disease is high then you need to state costs
and compare this with average incomes.
Any data needs to be in text referenced
Will there be changes to their life style?
May be they have to limit activities?
Perhaps depending on the culture they cannot mix with other people
Is it possible to live where they do?
Do they need to modify their life ?
Is there a health care system?
Does this take care of costs? (links with economic).
Example: The cost of the triple bypass operation would be 80% of an average persons income (Smith 2012)
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