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Grade 5 Energy Project

No description

Kaylie Kittens

on 19 March 2012

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Transcript of Grade 5 Energy Project

Grade 5
Energy Project
By:Kaylie To be more green Thank you for your attention! And one more thing... ~Turn off lights when done
~Turn off water when not in use
~ Don't watch a lot of T.V
This is a video of my energy in action, and how it works * :P My energy powers
-T.v -Microwave
-Computer -Hand Held Games
-Xbox 360 -Electric tooth brush
-PS3 -Vancum Cleaner
-Cell Phones -Microwave
-Toaster -PS3\Xbox Controller
Subject 1
Electrical Energy My Video . Subject 3 Subject 3 Hello!
:) Electrical Energy is made by the flow of electrical charge.(Goes Though wires and t.v's ect.) What does your energy power?? Good Thing's
Makes your warm
Gives light
Works your computer
,T.V, kids toys ect.
Powers things you may need
Helps you do work
There are always good things
And bad things
About Energy ! Bad Thing's
Cost a lot of money $
Effacts the Enviranment
Pet's can hurt it
Kids can get hurt
Shock you
Burn your house ..
Home Lighting Water Home Checkup :P (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr I live in a :
Condominium\Duplex Does you family rent or own your house: own
When was your home built ?
-Before 1992
How many people live in your home?
~4 people
Do you have a?:
- Dishwasher - Refrigerator -T.V
- Clothes Washer\Dryer - Freezer

Comfort What TWO wattages are most of your light bulbs ?
~ 60 Watt
Do you have fluorecent lighting in your home?
Do you have more then pme compact lamp in your home?
~Yes Do you have? : Outdoor lighting
What type of windows does your home have?
~ Double Pane
Does your home have insuation?
~Walls,Ceiling *
What is your main heating source?
~~ Gas forced air
Approximately what
temperature is your
home set ?
Summer:21 Winter:22
What is your main cooling source?:
~Center Electric
~ Central Fan Where does my water come from?: City
What type of energy is used to heat your water:Gas *
How many water heaters in your home?: 0
How many showers do you have? 1 . Toilets? : 2

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