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Artist: Vincent van Gogh

Originally created by haminlee haminlee and can be found at http://prezi.com/fr1y6jrdrmla/vincent-van-gogh/

Michael Wiechmann

on 10 November 2014

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Transcript of Artist: Vincent van Gogh

Van Gogh is an amazing painter, and is a famous artist today. That was not always the case. In his life time he was actually the opposite of being known he was alone, and lived a solitary life. He spent many years wishing for nothing else but for someone to like his art work. The question to consider is do you enjoy his work? Why?
Have You got anything Qurious about Van Gogh??
Thank you
He was born in Holland at 1853.
He wanted to be a pastor.
So what was going on during the time period Van Gogh lived?
His thousands of paintings and drawings have various characteristics that changed the world of art. Van Gogh's unique life has inspired millions to become active in the arts. Perhaps the most impressive aspect is that artists continue to mimic the style that Van Gogh created over one hundred years ago today. Van Gogh dared to make bright distinctive paintings in a dark sad period in time.
He was a Dutch post-impressionist painter whose work, notable for its rough beauty, emotional honesty and bold color, had a far-reaching influence on 20th-century art. After years of painful anxiety and frequent bouts of mental illness, he died at the age of only 37.Van Gogh began to draw as a child, and he continued to draw throughout the years that led up to his decision to become an artist. He did not begin painting until his late twenties, completing many of his best-known works during the last two years of his life. In just over a decade, he produced more than 2,100 artworks, consisting of 860 oil paintings and more than 1,300 watercolors, drawings, sketches and prints. That is in ONLY 10 YEARS!
Vincent only sold one painting during his lifetime.
He did not cut off his ear only cut off a small portion of his ear lobe.
Here are some Fun
Where is Holland? Holland
is in the Netherlands

Impact on the world
Van Gogh suffered from a variety of psychological disorders and ended his own life in 1890.
Battle of Inkerman (Crimean War) 1854
American Civil War 1861-65
Zulu Wars 1879
Boer War 1899--1902
Whitechapel Murders 1888
Foundation of Red Cross 1859-60
Sepoy Mutiny( Indian Mutiny ) 1857
Death of Prince Albert (Queen Victoria`s husband) 1861
Abraham Lincoln Assassinated 1865
1853 - 1890
Here are some of those works:
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