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Copy of preteens 7

No description

naveen lobo

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of preteens 7

Safety first Pre-teens 3 Health Matters Rules and Regulations You must
You mustn't
You have to
You don't have to Eco-friendly To identify and describe health problems
To learn how tho use reflexive pronouns
To listen for intonation (stressed Syllables) What's wrong? Stressed words are said LOUDER softer or ? Interjections! http://youtu.be/SO83KqNMTno Oh dear! Ah! Ouch! Hey! Reflexive pronouns http://youtu.be/koZFca8AkT0 itself herself Himself I have a bird.
It looks at itself in the mirror. Why are you talking to yourself?

Sorry, I thought my blue tooth was on. Camping What things do you need to go camping? It's a rule.
It's forbidden. You can't do it.
It's a rule and/or it's necessary that you do it.
It's not necessary. It's optional. Place:
Open from: (months)

The camp doesn't provide:

Pool hours:
On campsite:
For more info call: Should do Shouldn't do 4 3 2 1 Uncountable Countable/
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