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Show Me the Data!

Remarks at MP Workshop, November 2017, Washington DC

Kim Toufectis

on 2 May 2018

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Transcript of Show Me the Data!

A credible narrative
People tell stories to convey their truths to others...
External research ought to guide practitioners, but wont' always resonate with our leaders...
The Tenant Satisfaction Survey lets agencies compare external research with current, in-house information
Data that corroborates a story we often tell reinforces best practices
Combining satisfaction with other data sets helps us understand how workplaces advance the mission...
Facilities Life Cycle Performance Curve
We're practitioners, not researchers...
This is "
invented here
" data!
GSA provides analysis
The price is right
LEED Certified
Not LEED Certified
Diminished barriers to occupant productivity
in LEED buildings corroborates our case for investing in sustainable design.
After adopting
as its metric for sustainable design, NASA opened its first LEED certified building in 2006.
Institutional savings was part of the case for investing in "better" assets, but enhanced occupant performance was 60-80% of the expected ROI according to industry research
NASA asset stewards have warned about a degrading portfolio for decades...

...but NASA leaders heard us better once our data helped them see the impact to our workforce.
Sometimes new data will challenge expectations...
Industry research helps stewards know what to expect from assets in varied condition.

But do we know whether condition affects occupants as it affects assets?
Satisfaction v. Condition

(owned buildings w/ adequate response rates
This is another way around to recognizing that "we're all in the people business"...
This graphic conveys a lot about stewarding facilities to us...

...so why has it not had as much impact on non-facilities leaders?

A "neediest case" approach to investing in renewal addresses a facilities itch...

...but if occupants perceive buildings differently, we may want to rethink where we scratch.
Another slice at NASA's Occupant Satisfaction data...
Show me the Data!
A panel at the APA Federal Planning Division's
National Training Workshop
New Orleans, Louisiana 25 April 2018
Aaron Eisenbarth
The Tenant

Kim Toufectis
the Survey

The unhappier range...
The happier range...
A tipping point...
Cost/occupantto renew
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