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Automated Writing Evaluation

Tara Williams

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Criterion

Double click anywhere & add an idea Techno-Optimist POV Techno-Pessimist POV AWE: A Brief History Individualized Feedback Educational Theories Why does student writing need to improve? 2009/2009 Collegiate Learning Assessment According to the 2008-2009 CLA, Fresno State freshmen ranked 16th out of 17 CSU campuses in analytic writing skills.

CSU Fresno seniors ranked 12th out of 17. ISWI The Improving
Student Writing
Initiative Criterion: What it does Emerged in the late
1960s with Page
Essay Grader (PEG) Advances in AI and
Internet and greater
availability of computers
in 1990s renewed interest Educational Testing Service (ETS)
developed "e-rater," one of three
similar products currently
dominating the marketplace Main commercial use so far
has been scoring standardized
essays (such as GMAT) More frequent and timely
feedback = faster improvement
in student writing Overburdened teachers can employ
AWE to correct grammar and mechanical
errors so teacher time and human
interaction can focus on content
and style Software can be accessed 24/7 by
students and can allow them to work
autonomously and at their own pace AWE is "numb to aesthetics and
does not understand meaning"
(Ericsson, 2006, cited in
Warschauer and Grimes, 2008) "an Orwellian technology that merely
feigns assessment and threatens to
replace teachers with machines"
(Conference on College Composition and
Communication 2004)
e-rater analyzes
the rate of errors in grammar, usage,
mechanics and style
required elements of discourse such as
thesis, main idea and supporting points
lexical complexity
essay length

Criterion can be used to provide feedback
on any writing, even in response to prompts
that have not been previously normed by
human scores Automated Writing Evaluation, aka Automated Essay Scoring,
has developed over the last few decades in response to
English having become the lingua franca in virtually
every country worldwide. The purpose of AWE is to eliminate
the need for teacher review of early drafts of student
writing (Warschauer & Ware, 2006, p. 1-2).
Conference on College Composition and Communication
position statement 2004:
Writing-to-a-machine violates the essentially social
nature of writing: we write to others for social
purposes. If a student's first writing experience at
an institution is writing to a machine,for instance,
this sends a message: writing at this institution is
not valued as human communication--and this in turn
reduces the validity of the assessment...
if high schools see themselves as preparing students
for college writing, and if college writing becomes
to any degree machine-scored, high schools will begin
to prepare their students to write for machines...
We oppose the use of machine-scored writing in the
assessment of writing,

Educational Theories Traditional:
Transmitting accumulated wisdom
(and agreed-upon conventions of
language usage Behavioral:
Focus on what students
should be able to do "...acculturation, the transmission
to children of the specific information shared by adults of the
group or polis" (Hirsh, 1987, p.xvi)
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