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IBM Final

No description

Jessica Matherly

on 15 February 2013

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Transcript of IBM Final

International Business Machines Corporation IBM -Founded in 1911
- history of innovation and focus on customers The Company Three underlying values: Values and Mission http://www.ibm.com/smarterplanet/us/en/?ca=v_smarterplanet
Building a Smarter Planet From IBM's website: "With technology now infused into every aspect of commerce, the entire craft of marketing becomes more instrumented, interconnected and intelligent. This leads to profound changes in ways the discipline is understood, led and practiced."

Three mandates for the new CMO have taken shape
Paint a predictive picture of each customer as an individualon a massive scale.
Instrument all key touch points to gather the right data about each customer.
Connect social media data, transaction data and other information to paint a more vivid picture of each customer.
Run the right analytics at the right time on the right customer to generate new ideas about whom to serve and how to best serve that person.
Generate insights that are predictive, not just historical.
Build capabilities to do this on a massive scale. Smarter Planet Marketing Plan Question Time!
Team 4 The “Smarter Planet” strategy is based on the idea that the next major
revolution in the global marketplace will be the instrumentation
and integration of the world’s process and infrastructures,
generating unprecedented amounts of data.
The data captured and analyzed in industries such as banking, energy,
health care, and retailing will allow IBM to help businesses be
more efficient, productive, and responsive. Our group answered: The Smarter Planet Initiative! Next Question!
Team 1 2. Conduct a SWOT analysis for IBM's Smarter Planet initiative. What are the relevant trends to consider for the next three to five years?
1. What is IBM's "Smarter Planet" business strategy? How does this strategy relate to IBM's mission and values? Strengths: market sector is well defined, high quality employees, satisfy customers’ wants and needs, is well known in the world.
Weaknesses: Lack of intercultural experience, exploring a new product in complex markets, small and medium business are huge parts in the world but they seem only focus on large organizations. customized products and support for a huge numbers of customers would be a challenge for them.
Opportunities: offer new technologies and services in developing countries. Smarter Planet involves new ways of thinking.
Threats: potential securities risks. IBM’s three underlying values:
1. dedication to every client’s success,
2. innovation that matters-for our company and for the world, and
3. trust and personal responsibility in all relationships. “policies, procedures, and daily operations.” Continued... mission: 1. At IBM, we strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry’s most advanced information technologies, including computer system, software, storage systems, and microelectronics.
2.We translate hese advance technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services, and consulting businesses worldwide.

The mission and the value of the IBM, helps define the organizational culture at IBM. Executives, managers, and all employees create the culture through the strategies they select, and the detailed plans for accomplishing them. In order to satisfy clients’ needs, IBM was observing what happened to their customers, and tailoring to their specific demands with new technologies. Because their creative and innovative solutions, they would expand their new strategic opportunities and strengthen business relationship by adding new values to its products and services.
What are the relevant trends to consider for the next three to five years? The growth markets such as China, India, Brazil, and Africa; business analytics and optimization; cloud and smarter computing; the connected, “smarter planet. Group 5- Jessica Matherly
Yuting Han
Jessica Snead - Nicknamed "Big Blue" due to the excessive use of the color throughout the company (blue computer covers, letters in the logo, suits, etc)
-18th largest company in the U.S. with sales of $99.8 billion
-426,000 employees and in more than 200 countries
- ranked 4th most valuable brand in the world
-leading developer in business technologies Some notable inventions by IBM... - ATM
- hard disk drive
- magnetic stripe card
- relational databases
-Universal Product Code (UPCs)

Fun Fact- created an artificial intelligence program, Watson, that challened two Jeopardy game show champions and won. 1. dedication to every client's success
2. innovation that matters- for our company and for the world, and
3. trust and personal responsibility in all relationships

IBM's mission statement:
"At IBM, we strive to lead in the invention, development and manufacture of the industry's most advanced information technologies, including computer systems, software, storage systems, and microelectronics
"We translate these advanced technologies into value for our customers through our professional solutions, services, and consulting businesses worldwide.
Strategies - forsees a new model of computing, includes computational capability in phones, cameras, cars, and other appliances and allows economic, social, and physical systems to be connected
This creates a "smarter planet"
-Sees global changes such as fewer trade barriers, the growth of developing economies, and increasing access to the World Wide Web
Question 3
Team 3! 3.)How can IBM communicate its strategy to companies, cities, and governments? How is Watson a part of the communication strategy? Answer:
The current CEO of IBM, Sam Palmisano, sent out a letter for their annual report, titled “Letter from the Chariman”. In this letter, he had a powerful statement about the Smarter Planet. According to him, Smarter Planet “is not a metaphor. It describes the infusion of intelligence into the way the world actually works, the way that almost anything-any person, any object, any process or any service, for any organization, large or small-can now become digitally aware, networked, and intelligent.” Palmisano also met with some Wall Street financial advisors and held six-hour information sessions with investors to answer questions about their business strategy. IBM also used print and TV ads to campaign in more detail what Palmisano’s message was. These ads focused on the ability to improve the world now, with the help from IBM. The IBM website also supported the campaign with industry reports, video descriptions of the smarter planet concept, and stats about the improvements at smarter planet clients.
Watson, which is an artificial intelligence program, was also part of the communication strategy. Watson was featured on the game show Jeopardy!, and competed against two different contestants, and won both times. By having Watson on TV, where millions of people could view it, this was one more way to provide a consistent and integrated message.
Question 4
Team 2! 4.)What are the benefits of the Smarter Planet initiative to a) society and b) IBM?

Answer: a)Some benefits of the Smarter Planet initiative within society have been:
•the retailers who implemented smart systems to analyze buying behavior, merchandise assortment, and demand were able to cut supply chain costs by 30% , reduce inventory levels by 25%, and increase sales by 10%.
•The Memphis Police Department reduced crime by 28% by using IBM solutions to analyze its data.
•Banks are also using smart systems to track loans and manage risk, increasing efficiency and customer service.

b)Some benefits of the Smarter Planet initiative within IBM have been:

•Since introducing the Smarter Planet strategy, IBM has collaborated with more than 600 organizations around the globe.
The success of this strategy can be seen in the broad range of industries where “smart” solutions are being implemented.
Examples: banking, communications, electronics, automotive, and aerospace, energy and utilities, government, health care, insurance, oil and gas, retailing, and transportation.

Final Question, Let's get a volunteer! 5.)How should IBM measure the results of the Smarter Planet strategy? We believe that IBM should send out surveys to each of the companies, cities, and governments that they have been in contact with, to see if their product is continuously working. It would be good for IBM to get feedback on their products so that they can either better their products and improve within their company.
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