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power rangers through time

No description

jocelyn segoviano

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of power rangers through time

Power Rangers through time this is a list of power rangers what is a power ranger? 1. mighty morphin power rangers
2. samurai power rangers
3. power rangers operation overdrive
4. power rangers ninja storm
5.power rangers turbo
6. power rangers mystic force
7. power rangers rpm
8. power rangers spd
9. power rangers zeo
10. power rangers dino thunder
11. power rangers lightspeed
those were just some of the power rangers there is way more !!! power rangers were made by a guy named saban
here are 2 videos of the most recent power rangers: samurai's name for monsters: Nighlok
dino thunder's name for leader of the monsters: Mesogog
operation overdrive leaders of the monsters : moltor and flurious all power rangers shows have different names for the monsters or a name for the monster's leader here are a few: samurai catch phrase: go, go samurai

dino thunder catch phrase: dino thunder power up , ha
lightspeed rescue catch phrase: lightspeed rescue

operation overdrive catch phrase: overdrive accelarate all power rangers have morphers and a catch phrase to morph here are the catch phrases and videos of when they morph being a power ranger isnt about powers it means being caring loving and heartful. if your heartless you might as well be the monster. to be a power ranger is also following your dreams and accepting whatever happens to you along the way thats good sportsmanship. also inspire others to follow their dreams. be creative and full of imagination. and most importantly follow your heart listen to it feel it and be happy because you're happy not because your friends or family are. and the most important thing in the whole world that I have to tell yo is NEVER EVER EVER GIVE UP! now those are the wisest words in the history of the world.
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