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Meaning Group A

No description

Samantha Yanko

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Meaning Group A

Meaning Group A Labyrinths Four different
kinds of labyrinths italian egyptian cretan lemnian This certain kind
of labyrinth is
with the "7 chakras"
of the body "..form of moving
-Dan Pink Labyrinths are ancient
symbols meant to bring
out the spiritual side
of a person which connects
to the right side of the brain It's meant to be an
adventure for a person
to find their innerself
to help their ability of being able to handle reality Labyrinths are circular with no dead ends and once the end is reached one turns back around to get to the beginning Labyriths and mazes are different in the fact that a mazes are meant to challenge the left side of the brain whereas labyrinths are meant to relaz the left side of the brain "We were born for
meaning, not pleasure,
unless it is steeped in
-Jacob Needleman "[P]eople have enough
to live, but nothing to
live for; they have the means
but no meaning."
-Robert William Fogel Overview These days people don't have enough
meaning in their lives. People's lives
have become to materialistic. They get
the things they want that have no meaning
at all. Meaning is the background in everything
we do. As the world advances in technology
meaning disappears. According to research, researchers believe spirituality helps cut the chances of diseases and sicknesses. Spirituality also helps in the work place by helping companies improve their work and reaching their goals. Happiness like spirituality is a big part of meaning in peoples lives. Pink also talks about how change is inevitable and we just have to deal with it. For example countries that advance in technology before we do changes our path, so we have to find a new way to get around the road block. That is where Pink talks about labyrinths and how life is more like that than a maze. Mazes have dead ends and challenge the left side of the brain. Whereas labyrinths don't have dead ends and are spiritual and bring out the right side of the brain. Everyone just needs to take sometime and see what is meaningful to them and that is where their sucess really comes from. The Human Odyssey Navigating the Twelve
Stages of Life Thomas Armstrong, PH.D. Chapter 8:
Early Adulthood Early adult hood
can be considered
the lost generation Most unorganized and
lonliest feeling the need
to become an
adult immediately Drug and alcohol use
is so common from the
ages 18-25 because of the
stress to have a life plan Still trying to solve
past problems and
getting conclusions from
a different point of view Most people don't know
the reality of becoming
an adult and go home
after a first try by
themselves because they
aren't ready To help be more prepared with adult hood find adult
role models and do things that aren't childish This relates to the chapter
of meaning because they talk
about how young adults don't
know themselves. Most young
adults aren't spiritual. As
the meaning chapter would say
without spirituality there is
no meaning. When young adults
turn into grown mature adults
that is when they have found the
meaning of life. relation to Pink
chapter When I turn
90 Technology will advance
to great heights Education will improve.
More work on computers
than worksheets Robotics will take
over most jobs Cures for viruses
and diseases will be
found Technology will
be so advanced
man can travel to
other planets and
their moons cure for cancer
and other diseases and
where the virus or
disease originated from meds will advance
so the side effects
aren't as bad and won't
make people sick more factories will
be 100% robotic (no humans on the work line at all in factories) Won't be so hard,
space ships will have
bigger fuel tanks and
can travel faster
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