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Living On the Mississippi: 1800's

No description

lizzie lynch

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of Living On the Mississippi: 1800's

Living On The Mississippi: 1800's - The Mississippi River is one of the largest river systems in North America
-It starts in Northern Minnesota and ends in The Mississippi River Delta
-It is 2,320 miles long
-The river cuts through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana
- The Mississippi runs through many different cities Background Information - The group of people who lived along the Mississippi were thought to be the most cultural and complex people in North America
- Different regions of the river had similar social, environmental, and political factors
- It was home to people with many different backgrounds and beliefs
- Settler's left their homes in the east to move to the Mississippi so they could have good soil for farming
- Settler's started to build a democratic culture
- Many of the Indians that lived on the river were removed due to federal commands
-The Indian population plummeted
- Flat boats were used to carry cargo along the river Early 1800's - There was a lot of slavery happening at the time
- The Mississippi River was a place for slaves to runaway to
- Many of the residents living in the Mississippi Valley were enslaved african americans
- Artistic style was shown through representation of people and the landscapes
- Jefferson Davis was the president of the confederate states
- Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis went to war in 1861
- The Mississippi River was considered the boundary between the East and the West, along with a boundary to many different views
- Most of the people living on the Mississippi had parents that had been born in a different country
- The Upper Mississippi Valley was made up of mostly farmers
-The Lower Mississippi Valley was filled with money and powerful white families Mid 1800's - http://dig.lib.niu.edu/twain/kastor-culture.html



- http://www.riverrides.com/pages/school/sftinfo.html Sources - The first people to live on the Mississippi in the 1800's were Native Americans, trappers, traders, explorers, and lumbermen
- The settlements along the river were like camps. The only things to do was play cards, drink, fight, and rest
- A man nicknamed Pigs Eye, his face was damaged because of bar fights, took over a cave like area and started to brew his liquor. He made lots of money from people along the river, who frequently drank. Because of him, a community was formed called Pigs Eye
- Riverboats helped small communities grow in economy
- Harriet Bishop was on of the first school teachers along the river Quick Facts
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