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Programming Like a Pro - Village RAs

Short how-to guide on event planning

Ross Bixler

on 21 May 2013

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Transcript of Programming Like a Pro - Village RAs

The 5 P's Pre-Plan Why are you having your event? Prepare 1. the Elements All the parts that make up the event Must-haves Venue and style Feelings of a PRO Define company and event objectives Reserach and develop event vision Innovate and create a customized experience using design principels and objectives Visualize the event step by step Execute with detailed precision and timing What do you want to do? Scope Objective Desire Alternatives Programming Like a PRO (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr By: Ross Bradley Bixler Get ready to present... Present Big and.... What are your ideas? Get feedback Get ready to program... This is how to program like a pro PRO Budget Market Tasks Big
Priorities Medium Priorities Small
Priorities How much will this cost? What needs to be done? How do I get people to participate? What can't we live without?
EXAMPLE - Casino Company What is important but not critical?
EXAMPLE: Photo Wedding Chapel When? Who? Buy food at Costco Buy casino decorations Thursday 2:00pm Joey & Victoria Wednesday
3:30pm Victor &
Victoria Add Any Task HERE Posters Video & Pics Some Many Few Produce Your Program This is what participants will see Execute the program! Shift Schedule Venue Prep Staff Briefing All Tasks Complete Flexibility Admins/Security/ER Prep Atmosphere Post-Plan How well did we do and what can we learn? How many people did we attract?
How many were Villagers?
Where did they hear about the event?
What aspects of the event went well?
What aspects of the event went poorly?
Did we achieve our ROADS objective? Get ready to get 'er done! Get ready to evaluate what you did. P icture Picture your event from start to finish
Anticipate needs, challenges, and opportunities
Imagine how the event will appeal to all 5 senses R esponsibility Co-ordination of all tasks is the PRO's responsibility
If a task is not delegated the PRO must do it or no one else will
The PRO's reputation and the organization he/she represents is on the line O rganziation The PRO should create all shift schedules, itineraries, and other organizational tools.
Co-ordinating all three branches of Marketing, Tasking, and Budgeting requires organization and communication.
Utlize technology like spreadsheets, Google Documents, Facebook, E-mail and more to maximize productivity. (Some) Marketing Mediums Tips for Successful Marketing Design a marketing strategy for your program. Programming vs. Event Planning What is the difference? Waivers Insurance Sign-in Incentive Delivery
Strategies Based on completion of a task
After a specified amount of time
In increments throughout program
At the very end of the program NEVER give away your incentive at the beginning of your program! Thorough Preparation Essentials Create an incentive delivery plan for your program. Consider the prep essentials and find 3 potential challenges with your program. Program:
a plan of action to accomplish a specified end Event:
something that occurs in a certain place during a particular interval of time. Present your ROADS to another group. small ROADS Resources 10 Mins Complete a ROADS map for a new program. Get and give feedback. 5 mins Plan a budget for your program. Prioritize your budget items. 5 mins What is nice but not important?
Example: Misc decorations Task List Example Create a task list for your event. Did you think of everything? 5 mins Prepare shift
schedule Monday 11:00pm Kimia Tabling Word
mouth Newsletter Tech Prep 5 mins 5 mins NOT JUST FOOD!

Other incentives:

Free Passes
Exclusive Opportunities
Free Rec Classes

Desire can be created by allure only!
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