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Should Kids Be Able to Use Phone in School?

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Khushali Patel

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Should Kids Be Able to Use Phone in School?

Should Kids Be Able to Use Phones or Electronics in school?
By: Khushali Patel

Argument #1: Cost/Time
. Parents don't have to pay a lot for school supplies like calculators, stopwatches, dictionary, planners and more.
Argument #2: Emergency/Security

Argument #1: Cost/Time
. The school has wasted their budget for the electronics. ( Laptops, iPads, iPod's, etc...)
Lets See What Kids Think
About This!
Now Lets See What
Teachers Think About
Cell Phones in School!
. Students can look up quick information, instead of taking forever to log on on the laptops and search the information, students can take 5 minutes at most to search the information on their phones.
. A phone can get easily stolen at school by another student, and it would cost hundreds to get another phone.
. During free time or study center if you have a project due, and you don't have a computer available, you can just do it from your electronic and get a head start instead of waiting till that class.
. Students can contact parents if something had happen at school, such as bomb threats, fire, etc...
. If students had forgotten something at school like gym clothes, they can contact their parents to bring it to school.
. Often teachers wouldn't ask students to get out a laptop and do 5 min research.
. If they have to stay after school and their parents don't know, they can easily call them to tell them what time to pick them up.
Argument #2: Security/Emergency
.If something had happen at the school, the head of the school should have taken care of it
. If a student has forgotten something at home, the school has phones, they can use those.
. Some people are not allowed to take any pictures or do not want to be in some social media picture because they want to be safe, but some people still take the picture of them, which brings them to more chances of being found by a stranger online.
Argument #3: Education
. Students can use tools on their phones like calculators, stopwatches, dictionary, or books.
. Students can take notes and reminders on their phones like when a project is due .
. Students can look up information online to include in their paper, project, etc....
Argument #3: Education
. Students can cheat on tests by looking up answers or they can text their friends and ask what the answer is.
. Students would pay more attention to their phones than their teachers.
. If a student left their phone on during a class, and it goes off, it can disrupt other students learning.
How many teens cheat on exams with phones?
How Students Use Their Cell Phones in Class
So What Do You Think?
Should Kids be Able to Use Phones in School

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