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The guide on how to survive The Hunger Games

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harnoor bath

on 27 March 2017

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Transcript of The guide on how to survive The Hunger Games

Your must have supplies
Here are some things that you need to have to survive the Hunger Games.
There are lots of strategies to help you win the games and survive them, but here are a few of those.
Hunger Games
Those were the things that you need to survive the Hunger Games. If in Panem, you get for the reaping please keep these things in mind.

The guide on how to survive The Hunger Games
This is the ultimate survival guide that will probably (if you correctly follow) help you win and survive the Hunger Games. In this survival guide contains steps to survive, tips, tricks, and all the things that will help you win the Hunger Games.
2. Armor- Helps you survive if by any chance there are mutts trying to eat you or if someone tries to spear, knife, and shoot you. This will help help with those things. The armor can also be full body armor or just protecting some parts of the body.
1. Weapons- Weapons are the number one thing you need to survive the Hunger Games. The Weapons that people use in the Hunger Games are spears, bow and arrow, knives, swords, slingshot, etc. Anything for weapons will work except for any type of gun. Weapons will help you kill people in the games.
3. Medicine, iodine and first-aid kit- Helps you get better if your sick and trying to get better. medicine to help you not get an infection if it is the correct type, and other benefits.
4. Food- Food is the main key to surviving. Food is not really a supply but if kill someone and they have a pack of dried fruit, you should take it because it will help you and your hunger but, try not to eat nightlocks.
5. Backpack- Backpacks are one of the most essential things that you need to survive. Your backpack carries your supplies, food, water, weapons, and any other thing you may have, it will surely go in your backpack.
6. Sleeping bag- Sleeping bags will help you go through the tough cold nights by using the heat of your body to warm up the sleeping bag.
7. Water/ water bottles- water and water bottles are the key of surviving. An average person can't live without water so make sure you have plenty of water! The water bottle will carry water for you.
8. Night vision glasses- If by any chance you get these glasses or find them somewhere please keep these as safe as possible, because these glasses will help you see in the dark, and make sure no one is snooping around trying to kill you.
9. Clothes- Clothes are also essential because some throws a knife and cuts your clothes you do not want to be running around naked in the cold nights. Clothes will keep you warm. :)
10. Tents- You need tents if your not a good climber and can't climb trees, or if your smart enough to go and find a cave. A tent will help you with those pesky night out in the woods.
11. Fire starters- If you don't have a sleeping bag or a tent the best option is to start a fire. Fire starters with help start the fire and you just and some wood or other things to the fire to last longer. Make sure don't stay there for too long because someone will see the fire and come running to kill you.
Don't stay in near sight: This strategy is kind of obvious because you don't want to be hunting in close range with a person who really wants to kill you, and looking at you hunt.
Go near water sources: As Haymitch said in the novel, "Go near water sources." This strategy is one of the best strategies to win the games because where there is water, there is sure to be some type of animal that you can hunt and eat, that's a double win for you!
Kill and Gather: For some people this may seem gruesome, but the best strategy for people who can't hunt animals, is to kill other people and collect their items, their food, and maybe even their weapons.
Do your best: These is obvious but you should always try your best and always do what your good at. For example if your good at throwing knives you should stick to throwing knives instead of starting to use a bow and arrow .
Be with people you trust: As Katniss and Rue were friends they trusted each other and were loyal to each other as well. They both collected things they needed and they both were a team
By: Harnoor
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