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The Root of Crime

No description

Daniel robinson

on 16 May 2011

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Transcript of The Root of Crime

Crime, is an unfortunate part of our society. It evolves
as the time goes on, escelating in voilence and is
widespread through out the world. Why does this
happen? Where does it all come from? It all comes
from a common place--the Root of Crime. To Start off with the prevention of criminals, we first should find the root of the
problem. The root of the problem is many factors, but childhood is the most critical

They say our childhood will make us into what we are, for a criminal, this much is
sometimes true. A murderer may kill because of his abusive mother, or a rapist may
rape because he was molested as a child, those crippling things scar a child for the
rest of their lives for better or worse. It's a problem to solve this because most
children are too afraid to speak out, perhaps television programs for kids may
encourage them to speak about there problems, if not to another parent, but to a
neighbor or the authorities. Proposal Intro The crime rate here in Raleigh North Carolina has slowly began to rise. Somethings needs to be done about this problem to return to our former glory. There needs to be leaders and followers as well to fix this problem, we must all work together. Every individual has their own voice and it needs to be heard, over the next several years we hope to acheive peace in all the troubled areas in Raleigh. We need to train law enforcement, cleanse the communities, uplift our leadership, and supply to people in need. The rapidly increasing crime rate in Raleigh NC is causing a serious problem. Two examples are that there isn't enough trained police officers in the most troubled part of Raleigh, the south side. The second example is that there isn't a high enough gun restriction. The problem is occurring since not enough police officers to protect, and watch the southeast Raleigh area. The problem with guns is occuring since there isn't a high gun restriction, kids and adults can easily buy guns off the street from anyone. The problem is often severe at Bragg St. due to the numerous assault, and robbery with firearms. The problem is bad since officers can't even protect citizens on the streets, and if security was buffed up there'd be more police patrolling the streets. Problems in Community Raleigh Population: 310,157 Murders: 14 Forced Rape: 81, Robbery: 748, Assault: 1161, Burglary: 3,327 Theft: 10,186 Car Theft: 1,250 Arson 75

http://spotcrime.com/nc/raleigh/southeast Introduction Where it comes from Work Cited
Police presense beefed up at NY airports." Wral . 2 May 2011. Web .2 May 2011 <http://www.wral.com/news/story/959856
"Preventing Crime and cutting its costs." 6 Feb.2000. Web 2 May2011<http://www.un.org/events/10thcongress/2088c.htm> Solution The only way the crime rate in Raleigh NC can be decreased is by constant supervision of the urban areas in the city. We need trained positive police officers on constant duty. Our solutions will target the community and the people that place a threat on our daily lives. Some key actions of ours include more scheduled events for families to attend and stay off the streets and higher firearm/weapon restrictions. these situations include community outreaches that can help reduce crime rates in the southeast area of raleigh. they will take place all throughout the city in community centers, schools, and jails. Our city needs leaders to take a stand, because according to WRAL "police were stepping up intelligence monitoring and extra police in NY airports" (WRAL News). This is a good example of how to prevent the current threat in our area. ODCCP stated that "There is a growing body of literature showing that crime prevention is successful and may be more cost effective than traditional, punitive approaches." In further attemps we will completely transform the lives and safety of Raleigh citizens in the southeast area Conclusion To prevent crimes and the rise of criminals we need to take the neccessary steps to clean up the communities and make them a better place to live. Crime is an unforturnate part of our society, but with these problems addressed, we can find a solution to make our city better
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