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Do you think state governments should require that drivers w

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jillian Cope

on 15 March 2016

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Transcript of Do you think state governments should require that drivers w

Do you think state governments should require that drivers who talk on cell phones while driving use a hands-free device? Why or why not?

In my opinion, it's a safe and precautionary measure to keep people on the roads a little safer but i don't really agree with telling people whether or not they can or cant have their mobile devices while driving..
Do you think employers should have a policy on the use of cell phones while driving for business? Why or why not? What points might be included in such a policy?
If businesses needed their employers to communicate over the phone while traveling then there should maybe be a policy that states they will use blue tooth devices, IE.
It would be a good idea, i believe , personally so that there is written proof of the policy.
Points could include: Using mobile devices while driving is allowed only if employer/driver is using a blue tooth controlled device, if employer/driver uses device in the wrong way they should receive some type of punishment
Do you think a law such as the one described will improve traffic safety where you live? Why or why not?
Personally, i don't feel like it would unless someone lived or was traveling through a bigger city where the possibility of getting caught for doing it was higher.
I feel if people want to endanger themselves and others and freely use their mobile devices on the highway no law will stop them enough to make a difference. Technology is one of the biggest things that people are into. laws and regulations, examples of others dying and being injured and people affected by these things wont stop anyone from doing it. They, themselves have to say "this is dangerous and not worth it, it can wait. i shouldn't be a danger to my own self and others."
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