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Post it note

No description


on 26 May 2016

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Transcript of Post it note

Mike Horrocks
"Post it note"
What will the new EBD Team look like?
Encourage & Support
Manage behaviours
Identify what is important
Review & establish systems / procedures
Have crucial conversations
roles the manager will play in developing the new way of working . . .
not reactive, seeking & communicating benefits
prioritising, developing & delivering work, projects
and benefits
new territory, relationships,
Purposeful -
engaging, responding, supporting, working with / for business
Enthusiastic -
about Business!
Challenging -
Confident -
+ benefits for residents
to support Strategy outcomes
Proactive -
Lead by example
Celebrate early successes
- fears
- motivations
Develop, Support, Trust
- workloads
- performance
Want to find out more?
targeting the right things for growth
visible inside and outside of DCC
Plan of Action
Year 1 - to May '16
Year 2 - to May '17
recruit the right team
focus on handover of work
understand individual / team aspirations and capability (poa to close gaps)
establish clear focus on priorities
establish short periods of time each week as a team - feedback on positives
map team stakeholders (exercise)
identify service offer to internal / external target customers (exercise)
agree team business engagement objectives
map connections within / with others outside team (exercise)
prioritise workloads and set / manage expectations
sort projects out - action!
agree communications plan & increase output
don't be distracted into community projects or other service areas responsibilities
deliver service plan priorities:
engage F2F / electronic
improve quality / access to BAS
deliver ECA projects into BAU & focus on benefits realisation
improve partnership working (business support, skills development, inward investment, employment links)
improve reputation within economic development picture for county / region
use evidence / best practice /business feedback to develop follow on activities e.g. March for Business '17, loans scheme
improve team performance around key issues e.g. budget, communications
review benefits of new team
celebrate success!
a local
conversation . . .
I went to talk to a successful local businessman. This is what he said . .
. . about new teams:
"set out your vision - they need to know what you're all about"
"ask them "are you with me, or not?""
"keep the ones that want to come to work to help achieve it"
. . about motivating people to perform:
"train them up - it gives them the skills"
"set individual performance targets and put them on the wall"
"make them feel a valued part of the big picture"
"get rid of process that holds them back"
Continue to ensure robust governance arrangements across all projects
Support Project Executives to lead and challenge project teams, ensuring focus on benefits realisation
Track Programme and Project benefiits
Provide expert advice to the Corporate Director and ECA Board
Increase Programme communications output
Shape new projects arising from the Programme
ECA Programme priorities 2016-17
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