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No description

collin godshall

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Telli

Telli Talker Most challenging-
The most challenging parts for me were keeping the opening flap of the container closed, also trying to find the computations. Keeping the flap closed was hard because it wouldnt stay closed! Also the computations were hard because I didnt want to get of them wrong because had I done that then the cost would be wrong and I would be paying to much or not enough and my business would go in dept or get BANKRUPT. Factors the manufacturers would consider with the shape of the container -
The main factors that I think the manufacturer would think of would be the cost, shape, weight,and quality. I believe the cost would be a big factor because you dont want to pay to much just for the container, also I thought the shape would be a factor too because if its an unstable shape (not sturdy) then it might fall of the shelfs and break the product :( One other factor I mensioned was the weight and by saying that I ment if the container was to heavy than it could be harder to move and maby harder to sell. The last factor I mensioned was the quality, I said this because if the container is not of a good quality (not made well, cheap material) it might break or get crushed when the product is layed on top of it. Company benefits in choosing a better desighn-
When I shop sometimes something will pop out or look intresting to me because the containers desighn. So I think that it would be beneficial to buy a more expensive container because it will attract the eyes of the viewer more also persuading them to buy it.

ex. Its like when your driving down the highway and there are all kinds of bill boards but then you see one that is really fancy of flashy but it grabs your attention. Why I chose net # 1- I chose the first net because it held the product better and it didn’t allow the product to move around and possibly break, also the first net would stack easier and you could fit more products on the shelf, lastly the other net didn’t have flaps so It would stay closed and the product could fall out and break. Net #1 Net #2
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