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Entrep 420 CWC Presentation

No description

Carson Heagen

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Entrep 420 CWC Presentation

The Team
Competition Guidelines
Idea Generation
Idea Generation
“The Collegiate Wind Competition 2016 focuses on the design and construction of a wind-driven power system that can supply electricity to non-grid connected device(s).”

Business Model Canvas Automotive Mountable Wind Turbine

The Competitive Environment
Next Steps Spring 2016
OUr Process
Critical Assumptions
Our turbine will be able to effectively purify directly from a water source

That there's a problem/solution fit or both of our segments

Governments, Aid orgs. or other Key Partner will be interested
Humanitarian focus

Idea that solved "real" problems

Both fits competition guidelines and real market need
Customer Discovery:
Check hypothesizes
Contact Humanitarian Organizations
Test assumptions
Humanitarian Organizations Demand
How to solve known problems
Filter Replacement/Maintenance
Research and Design:
Coordinate efficiently with Engineering teams
Decide on low cost, durable materials.
Fill in the gaps we have on our commercialization side.
Hiking Trail Application
Campsite Integration

Current water purification systems used include:
LifeStraw and Life Sack
The Pure Water Bottle
The Solarball
Ceramic Water Filters

What Problem are we solving
What We Learned
What We Learned Cont.
Judges Like Humanitarian Projects

More Funding Available (Humanitarian)

Renewable energy use can better help areas without reliable grid power

Engineering Team Used Similar Turbine Design in Previous Year
780 Million people do not have access to clean water

Almost 2.5 Billion people do not have access to adequate sanitation of water

Large market for high volume water filtration

Humanitarian sector is looking for help
Turbine Powered Water Filtration
Initial Assumptions and Hypotheses
That there's specific applications for wind energy that's superior to other off-grid energy sources

That there are currently major problems that wind energy can help solve

That the market for wind energy will continue to innovate and expand throughout the next 10-20 years
Value proposition

Customer Segments
The Nile River
White Nile River
Blue Nile River
Lake Victoria
Lake Tanganyika
Lake Nyasa
To our end users:

We provide a viable opportunity to distribute and produce clean drinking water, and are satisfying the needs of individuals who don’t have water readily available.

To our key partners:

We are taking a scare resource and making it easily accessible in remote areas.
Entrepreneurial Management 421
Carson Heagen, Ashley Hulse, Colin Lesch, Tim Watkins
Condensation Collection Systems

Solar Powered Water Purification Systems
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