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Biological Diversity: The more the Merrier

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ted williams

on 14 September 2016

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Transcript of Biological Diversity: The more the Merrier

Biological Diversity: The more the Merrier

It is the number of species that live in a given area
(habitat, ecosystem, biome, etc)

Biodiversity: What is it?

The more diverse of a population you have the healthier the environment is
Populations were meant to be a part of a community

Each population has a job to do
that helps the community.
Example of a job would be: Predator, pollinator, herbivore.....

If you lose one population it will eventually lead to others dying out (Extinction)

Why is it important?

Communities become less stable
Ex: a single type of bug could destroy a farmers field.
But one bug will not destroy a rainforest community.
Animals could become threatened which means they are threatened with extinction

What happens when we lose diversity?

Habitat loss: The destruction of a habitat (the place where an organism lives)

Threats to diversity

Habitat fragmentation: a separation of one
wilderness area from another

Threats to diversity:

Edge effect is the outer area of a fragmented habitat that is not useable to the all animals

The edges are not quite the same as the interior of the habitat

Threats to diversity:

Damage done by pollution: Air, water, and land pollution

Threats to diversity:

Introduced species into an environment
Species has no limiting factors to stop it from taking over

Threats to diversity:

Summary (10 points): Explain how the python will affect the croc population.
Look at the food web below and also tell me what would happen to the racoon population and the Grass carp populations if he crocs were removed
Then tell me how this would impact biodiversity of the Everglasdes
EQ: What are threats to Biodiversity
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