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Sabeena Vazquez

on 21 May 2015

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Transcript of Mars

Mars Symbol.
Mars is half the size of our planet. Mars is reddish color because of the iron oxide in the soil. It's atmoshere forms clouds and sometime planet-wide dust storms.
Who Discovered it?
They dont know exactly who discovered the planet Mars, but in 1659 Christian Huygens discovered a strange feature on the surface of the red plantet.
MARS: by Daity T. , Sabeena V. , Sherina M.
The distances:
Order from the sun: 4th planet.
Distance from the sun in AU: 141 million miles.
In km: 228 million km.
Distance from the earth in AU: 150 million km.
Orbit & Rotation.
In km: 225 million km.
How the planet got it's name.
Mars was named after the most important Roman gods. The Romans were great soldiers. There was a god named Mars which they thought was an important god. Mars was god of war.Therefore Mars, the red planet, was named after the god of war. According to a Roman myth, Mars rode on a carriage pulled by two horses named Phobos and Demios, which mean fear and panic. In conclusion, Mars was named after an important god, which was the god of war.
Planet appearance.
The number of days it takes to orbit the sun is 686.6 earth days.
Mars gets 128.5 miles close to the sun.
The length of a day is 24 hours &' 37 minutes.
Planet Measurements:
The farthest it gets from the sun is 154 miles away?
Mass: 0.64174 kg.
Atmosphere Gases.
Volume: 16.18km3
Mars atomsphere is very thin, the tempature is cold. It has similar seasons to earth, but mars climate changes drastically each year. The highest temperature would be 70 degrees fahrenhit.
Equatorial Circumstances: 13,300 miles
Mean Density: 3,93g1cm3
Gravity: 3.711m1s2
If you weigh 100 lbs. on earth, you would weigh 9 lbs. on mars.
Mars Symbol.
Every planet has a symbol that represents it. The symbol of Mars represents the shield and spear of Mars, the roman God of war.
Mars has a few major gases. Mars major gases are Carbon Dioxide, Argon, Nitrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon Monoxide. Carbon Dioxide is 95.9% of Mars gas. Mars minor gases are Water Vapour, Nobel Gases, Neon,Krypton, and Xenon.
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