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Meaning / Importance of Early American Literature

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Katelyn Ketchie

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of Meaning / Importance of Early American Literature

Meaning / Importance of Early American Literature
Significance of the Literature
Literature during the pre-Civil War era was significant for many reasons. The expression of the changes in life style, tensions about freedoms and rights, and the struggles of different cultural groups in the writings of many different people not only reflected upon the ideals of hope and freedom that America’s establishment stood for but these writings recorded what really happened from the different sides of the conflict and was inspiration for others to follow.
As the colonies changed, so did the literature. America began to establish their own styles of literature, and literature became significant to how the people were informed of what new changes were occurring and it was how people displayed their opinions freely. The American literature was significant in documenting the history and the founding of early America in the form of legal documents.
What was early American literature significance to the colony and to the nation in the periods studied? This may have changed over time and may vary according to the culture of specific periods.
When a piece of literature is created by a contemporary author or a writer during the period in which it is written for, the literature stands as a historical testament of that time frame and a relatable piece for people during that time. Most of early American literature was written by contemporary society documenting their struggles and lifestyle, where as modern day writers pick either past, present, or future time as the setting of their writing.
How is early American literature relevant to contemporary society?
Although many of the fictitious and dramatic pieces during the pre-Civil War period were thought to be works of entertainment, many had underlying messages that displayed issues that were occurring politically leading up to the war. These hidden messages were careful to tell of these controversial topics by using metaphors and rhetoric of the founding fathers ideas and did not directly come out with the problem. The fiction and drama relayed stories of the struggles that many groups were going through to receive their freedom, which can be related to how the founding fathers struggled to gain their freedom from England.
How does the fiction and drama of the pre-Civil War period relate to earlier literary works?
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