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The Way to Liberating Makkah

No description

Rashid Abdurahiman

on 4 June 2014

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Transcript of The Way to Liberating Makkah

The Prophet prepares for the liberation of Makkah
Hatib Ibn Abi Balta'ah
The Quraysh taken by surprise
The Muslims were angry with Hatib (R.A)...
Hatib's mistakes
The prophet set out with 10,000 well armed men to liberate to Makkah within a short time.
The Makkans knew nothing about his coming until he was at Marr-uth-Thahran, a half day day journey from makkah
The prophet refused to renew the Treaty of Al-Hudaybiyah.
So, he told his men to prepare for a war.
However he told them to keep their preparations absolutely secret.
Some people guessed that he's going to Makkah,Others thought he might be going to Syria.
Hatib Ibn Abi Balta'ah was a known companion of the Prophet.
He was a devout Muslim who had embraced Islam early in Makkah.
He migrated from Makkah in early days but couldn't bring his family with him to Madinah.
Hatib fought with prophet's army at the Battle of Badr

The Muslims were angry with Hatib (R.A). The Quraysh could've come to know about the Prophet's plans he was so secretly guarding.
Omar (R.A) wanted to execute Hatib because he thought that he had committed treason and acted like hypocrite.
Hatib came to know about the prophet's plan of attacking Makkah. Therefore, he wrote a letter to the Quraysh informing them possible attack on Makkah.
Prophet came to know about this by Allah and sent Ali and Az-Zubayr Ibnu-ul-Awwam to retrieve the letter.
The letter was brought to the prophet and Hatib(R.A) admitted his guilt. he was concerned about his family because Quraysh would kill his family who lived in Makkah
Done by: Rashid Abdurahiman
The Way to Liberating Makkah
Al-Abbas Mediates with the Quraysh
Al-Abbas, the prophet's uncle, left Makkah and met the Prophet (PBUH). He embraced Islam secretly almost one year before the campaign on Makkah.He was a pagan, but he had always been friend with Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) like his uncle Abu-Talib, the other uncle of Rasoolullah. He has saved Rasoolullah in the battle of Uhud from the attack of Quraysh by giving him early warnings. Al Abbas saw the huge preparation of the Muslim army that massacre might occur if they enter Makkah. He wanted to help Prophet in this situation, so that Muslims could enter Makkah peacefully
Abu Sufyan Captured
Al Abbas headed towards Makkah, Abu sufryan Ibn Harb, Hakeem Ibn Hizam and Budayl Ibn Waqas' set off to the outskirts of Makkah hoping to hear some news.By Allah's wise plans, Al-Abbas saw Abu-Sufyan and Budayl Ibn harb having conversation during the night on the during the night on the outskirts of Makkah.
Al-Abbas told leaders of the Quraysh that the Muslim had an amrmy that could not be defeated. So, he suggested he and Abu-Sufyan to meet with Prophet Muhammed. Abu-Sufyan was under Al-Abbas' protection.
The two men headed towards the tent of Prophet Muhammed. Suddenly were captured by group of Muslim soldiers

Verily We have granted you a clear victory:
So God may forgive your past sins and those that you may do later; He will guide you can the Straight Path;
And that God may grant you a great victory [48:1-3]
Surat-ul-Fateh 1-3
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