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Business Leadership Summative Project


Lenique Gucci

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Business Leadership Summative Project

By:Lenique N What is Microsoft? Strategies History Major Products Porter Model 5 Strageties Sustainable competitive advantage Multination software corporation that develops, manufactures, licenses and supports a range of products and services related to computing Creating technology that transforms the way people work, play, and communicate
Develop and market software, services, and hardware
Maintaining commitment and leadership in accessability research, awareness and innovation
1975, Bill Gates and Paul Allen form a partnership called Microsoft
Focused on a new operating system called “Microsoft Disk Operating System” Microsoft Office was created in 1989
Microsoft Office is an office suite of interrelated desktop applications, servers and services for the Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.
It includes Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook/Entourage Is a web search engine created by Microsoft in 2009 Business Leadership
Friday, Jan 11, 2013 Mission & Values Help people and businesses worldwide and realize their full potential Goals To improve and update Microsoft products
To serve more than 2 billion people by 2015 1982-1985 1983 Microsoft, released and worked on the first version on the new operating system called “ Interface Manager” 1995-2001 1995 Microsoft releases Windows 95 2001 Microsoft releases Windows XP Home Edition 2001-2005 Windows Vista is released in 2006 with the strongest security system 2006-2008 2009-Present Windows 7 includes many new features such as snap, peak and shake. 1975-1981 Main competitors Apple
Google Suppliers Substitute Products New Entrants Customers A long-term competitive advantage that is not easily duplicable or surpassable by the competitors. Operational effictiveness
Continous Innovation
Ethically Responsible Competitive Advantage Is a video game console produced by Microsoft and released in 2009
It competes with Sony’s Play Station 3 and Nintendo WII Managment Issues Stack Ranking
Develop more of a team environment in which collective success is more important than individual success.
Decrease the divisions that company is putting money and time into. Is a mobile OS developed by Microsoft for use smart phones and mobile devices it was launched in 2012
Includes text messaging, web browsing, email, games, multimedia, user interface Overview s s Released in 1995
Is a commercial browser
Competes with Google Chrome, Safari Mozilla Fire Fox Is a free web based email service created by Microsoft launched in 1996 service provide that allows free calling between people worldwide. It includes file transfers, texting, video chat and video conferencing.
Its competitors are Oovoo, TokBox, TelCentris, Gizmo5, RebelVox Economical Political Opportunities Threats Microsoft SWOT
Analysis Strengths Global Brand
One of the largest software developers and has developed a customer base.
It has built a reputation on successful development of its Windows computer software
Most established information technology brand worldwide
Has loyal customers. With loyal customers they are able to maintain customers and recruit new ones. Weaknesses Microsoft lacks a solid cliental and service support center on the internet.
Microsoft products have compatibility issues with other hardwares and softwares manufactured by other companies.
Microsoft does not share the programming codes of its softwares making modification difficult Competitors Apple
LG • Moved into the Chinese market by producing computer programs
• Has diversified its products
• The company has also branched out to provide free email and news services to it’s costumers. Primary competitor is Linux program
Developed by independent programmers.
Since diversifed in other fields it competes with the products made by companies who have experts in their industry.
Microsoft is the different lawsuits.
Promotes negative publicity and bad public image. Social Microsofts PEST Analysis Microsoft New competitors
Market penetration
Currently, there is really only one main competitor which is Apple and the Max OS X.
From a console gaming perspective, Microsoft dosent believe there is much competetion. The major players are Sony and Nintendo Overview Leading competitor with more people inclined towards Pentium but are slowly losing customers due to unsatisfaction
Acessibility of technology to different people(disabled people)
Increasing adultery needs (aging population) Not able to match microsofts technology with competetive prices
Due to the dynamic nature of the software industry microsoft is failing to keep up with other companies such as apple. if they fail to innovate technology they will fail as a company Innovation related to information technology Restrictions on foreign recruitment
Regulations on education
Regulations on the industry Demand and supply conditions
Economic growth rate worldwide
Trade cycles
Tax, import, export barriers
Disposable income level of people Social Responsibliity Vision What Is Microsoft?
Major Products
SWOT analysis, PEST,Porter’s 5 force model
Vision & competitive advantage
Management Issues
Press Conference Company News Letter/Pres conference Social Responsiblity Rated as one of the top ethical companies Partner up with different education systems and boards
Larger donations, giving discounted prices to boards students will become more comfortable while using Microsoft Short Term Goal Long Term Goal Create online anonymous surveys or forums Creating a system for accountability Short Term Goals Make an analysis of overall company and try to cut out areas which are not profitable and which are deemed to other competitors Short Term Goal Maintain its activitiy to donations to non-profits, programs for economic development. Long term Goal Find more areas to get involved, not creating a new product Surveys and forums
Incentive programs
Looking at which of our products are most profitable
Environmentally conscious
Create a company that is more socially aware Technological Competitors Apple Windows and the Xbox 360, has a low threat of powerful suppliers. The resources needed are supplied to Microsoft by outside suppliers which are available from large firms. Create a company that is more socially aware that continues to have the highest ethical standards and limit the areas of focus which should help advance the products that are most profitable and associated with the things that got Microsoft there in the first place
From a game console standpoint, the threat from buyers is low. The console gaming market is a multi-billion dollar industry and there are a large number of retailers who have Xbox 360s. Threat of substitute for Windows is low, even with the advancements Mac OS X has made.
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