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A Mini Photo Tutorial

How to manage photos on social media... and share loads of awesome ones with our students!


on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of A Mini Photo Tutorial

Also remember... Here is something small... Make sure you have access to a good camera
Make sure you take photos regularly, both at school and on activities trips/at parties
Make taking and sharing great photos part of your weekly routines - they really help you showcase & 'sell' the school and enhance the student experience! Less is sometimes more What YOU can do Photos matter because... All About Photos! An Example: 30 Photo credits: 'horizon' by pierreyves @ flickr So... What really works? Students love tagging themselves and sharing their EF experience with friends!
They show potential students how great your destination, school and staff are and allow ex-students to reminisce!
They help 'sell' not only the school but also your activities! Quality matters: Sharp photos, good light or flash when dark, nice background, fun concept (posing or snapshot - taken without people noticing), and lots of happy people!
Upload the photos to your computer, delete bad ones and choose best ones to upload onto Facebook (around 50-80 per album for a bigger activity or event, for example)
AVOID posting blurry/really dark ones, they never look good! Group photos: Remember Craig's video? Smiling, happy looking students in a group always looks GREAT! Add an awesome background (city landmark, mountain, beach etc.) and it's perfect! Remind students to tag themselves in these photos (how about creating a mini competition out of this?)
Activities photos: Always take a camera along and take cool shots in cool spots. Great activities photos will help you sell your activities and fill groups!
School photos: for ex. "Sunny Day at EF xxxx" or special events/celebrations make for great albums, showing off school/daily student life as well! Example 1: Great groups Example 2: Just another day at school Example 3: Awesome activities Also photograph parties, city tours, big trips, graduations other activities, even classes! :-) Avoid photos with alcohol, anything inappropriate
Edit and manage your photo albums before/after you upload to Facebook: rotate photos if wrong way around, check for & delete blurry ones or doubles
Publish albums (on the school page wall) and ask students to tag themselves
Keep your 'Welcome to EF xxxx' album at the top of your photo album page on Facebook (hover over it, and move to the top with little cross that appears over it)
Share your best albums and ideas with us and on the Activities Coordinator Facebook group! Questions/ideas? Contact us! NOTE! Single photos (not albums) taken on your iPhone, for example, can work just as well - use a photo app like Hipstamatic or Snapseed to make them look nice and Picstitch to make a collage of your photos! ALWAYS post a photo with a post - this works better than a post with no image and gets more likes and comments!
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