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Avatar Plot Line

This is the general plot line for the movie Avatar. It show the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and the resolution.

Paulina W.

on 8 January 2014

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Transcript of Avatar Plot Line

Avatar Plot Line

Jake Sully
Jake is the main protagonist in Avatar. He is a fully trained marine soldier who was paralyzed in an explosion from the waist dawn.
The movie starts out with him being in the transport ship on a 5 year journey to Pandora, the planet of the native Na'vi race. He was sent there to replace his twin brother, Tom, who was mugged and killed 4 years before his journey. Jake had watched him being cremated. Jake becomes one of the 20 known Avatar drivers, a person that controls an Avatar hybrid that is used to explore Pandora. This purpose of this program is to map the land and and gather intel so they can drive the Avatars that live in Hometree out, so that Colonel Quaritch and his army can get at a large supply of Unobtanium from under the huge tree. Jake does sent intel to the Colonel, but his messages become less and less common. Jake falls in love with an Avatar named Neytiri, and is finally made one of the Omatacaya clan, or "The People". His reports finally stop, and he goes on the side of the Omatacaya.

Neytiri is the daughter of Eytukan (father) and Mo'at (her mother and the spiritual leader of the Omatacaya) and a princess of the tribe. In the beginning she expresses her great dislike for him, but later on in the movie they become mates for life.

Eytukan is the father of Neytiri and the leader of the clan. Later on in the movie he dies and anoints Neytiri as the new leader by giving her his bow.

Mo'at is the spiritual leader of the Omatacaya clan and also the mother of Neytiri. She has a strong spiritual connection with Eywa, their "creator", mother, and goddess.

He is the brother of Neytiri and is next in line to lead the clan. He is killed by a after falling off of one of the RDA's planes.

Grace Augustine
Dr. Grace is a scientist who set up the Avatar program. First she is quite harsh towards Jake, but becomes friendlier. After she is shot when trying to get into Trudy's plane, she is brought to the Tree of Souls to be saved by Eywa, but she dies.

Trudy Chacon
Trudy is Jake's assigned pilot and goes on his side (Avatars). When fighting with the Colonel, her helicopter is shot down and she dies in a firey explosion.

Colonel Quaritch
He is the person who ants to get to the Unobtanium (which is a fictious and really expensive superconductor) under the tree and will not stop at anything to get it. He is finally killed by Neytiri at the end with two arrows.

Norm Spellman
Norm is a scientist who studies plants and also has his own Avatar (which later dies). He is a friend and ally of Jake.

Parker Selfridge
Parker is an ally of Colonel Quaritch that also really wants to get at the large supply of Unobtanoum under Hometree. Like Quaritch, he cares more about the riches that the Na'vi.
In 2154 most of the Earth's natural resources have been used up. On the Earth-like moon of the gas giant Polyphemus, Pandora, a large amount of the valuable fictional superconducter Unobtanium has been found and the RDA plan to get it for the Earth. Jake's identical twin brother Tom was part of the Avatar project, a project that was to use Avatar hybrids to gain the trust of the tall, blue Na'vi natives. But at one point, Tom was mugged and shot. 4 years later, Jake was put into cyrosleep on a large transport ship traveling the 5 years it took to get to Pandora after being approached by the RDA for the job.

Pandora is a strange planet, especially compared to Earth. The forest is filled with bioluminescent life, meaning living things that glow. The colors are usually blue, green, violet, indigo, and purple. This probably explains why the Na'vi are blue.

Pandora is full of much unusual flora and fauna. For some of the animals, there is the Thanator, the most vicious creature in Pandora, Hammerhead Titanotheres, Viper Wolves, Dire Horses, Banshee (which is the dragon-like animal that the Na'vi warriors ride, also known as an Ikran), Great Leonopteryx (also known as the Toruk), Stingbat, and more. For the plants, there are many trees. The most famous are the Tree of Voices and the Tree of Souls. Many other plants inhabit the beautiful moon.
Rising Action
1. Jake Sully is in the giant ship that is taking him and others to the moon Pandora. They have all been put into cyrosleep for the 5 year journey.
2. Jake has a flashback of when his twin brother Tom was cremated after being mugged.
3. The ship lands on Pandora and Jake wheels out of the ship in his wheelchair.
4. Jake is introduced to his brother's Avatar hybrid, which he is to use and control.
5. Jake meets Norm Spellman, a scientist and someone who soon becomes a friend and ally.
6. Jake then meets Dr. Grace. She isn't exactly kind to him, but that changes. Grace is the leader of the program and a scientist.
7. Jake goes into one of the machines and connects with his Avatar. He finds himself in a hospital and he gets out, glad he can walk and run again.
8. Jake has a talk with Colonel Quaritch. The Colonel promises that if they succeed their mission, he will pay for a surgery that can get Jake's legs to work again.
9. Grace's, Norm's, and Jake's Avatars all go to a forest to study plants and trees. Jake strays off and is chased by a Thanator and he jumps into a waterfll. He miraculously survives
10. Neytiri sees Jake and is about to shoot him with her bow and arrow. A Woodsprite lands on the tip of her arrow, and she considers it a sign from Eywa.
11. A search party is sent out for Jake's Avatar.
12.Jake is attacked by a pack of Viperwolves and struggles to protect himself. Neytiri shoots them and saves Jake.
Falling Action
13. Neytiri yells at him for being so foolish. Suddenly, a rope flies out and grabs Jake by the legs. It was thrown by an Omatacaya warrior on horseback.
14. Jake is taken to Hometree and is about to be persecuted by the chief Eytukan and the spiritual leader Mo'at (Neytiri's parents). Neytiri tells them about the woodsprite and they let him live.
15. The Avatar Jake goes to bed in the Hometree and the real Jake wakes up.
16. Avatar Jake goes with Neytiri to Teach him to ride a Dire Horse. He learns to make the bond with an animal and then tries to ride the horse, but he is unsuccessful.
17. Jake wakes up and he goes with Dr. Grace, Norm, and Trudy to the beautiful floating Halleluiah Mountains. The mountains float because of the vast supply of the superconductor Unobtainium in them, which creates a magnetic field, causing the mountains to float.
18. Jake goes back to his Avatar.
19. With the help of Neytiri, Jake manages to kill an animal with a bow and arrow.
20. Afterwards, Neytiri tells him that he is ready to become a real warrior. Eytukan, Tsu'tey, Jake, and another Avatar climb one of the Hallelujah Mountains to get to a Banshee nest.
21. Neytiri joins them with her Banshee and Jake asks her how he will know which Banshee to take. She replies that the one for him will first try to kill him and that he must make the bond before it succeeds.
22. The group reaches the nest and Jake starts wandering through the nest.
23. A blue Banshee attacks Jake and they have a fight but Jake manages to make the bond.
24. Jake begins flying his Banshee and starts to get the hang of it. Neytiri and the rest of the group join him.
25. Suddenly, a Great Leonopteryx attacks Neytiri an Jake and they are seperated from the rest of the group. Luckily, they manage to escape in he trees.
26. When they get back, Jake is made part of the Omatacaya clan.
27. Neytiri takes Jake to the Tree of Voices and tells him he must choose a mate. Neytiri suggests a few women but Jake chooses her. They become mates for life.
28. Jake ges back to the human world to eat for a moment.
29. When Jake goes back to his Avatar, he finds that a huge bulldozer is in the process of taking down the Tree of Voices.
30. Jake and Neytiri run back to Hometree as fast as they can.
31. Neytiri asks him what is happening and gets angry when she finds out that he knew this would happen.
32. The Avatars of Grace and Jake are found to be traitors bound by the Omatacaya and left.
33. The natives come under fire with tear gas as they try to take down airships of the RDA that have suddenly invaded with bows and arrows.
34. Hometree is taken down with the use of lots of bombs and weaponry.
35. All the Omatacaya flee the fallen Hometree in panic.
36. The RDA leave Hometree and go to their base. They unplug Jake, Norm, and Grace from the machines, causing their Avatar hybrids to collapse. The three are then thrown into a prison cell.
37. Trudy and Dr. Max Patel get them out of the cell and Trudy flies the three to the Tree of Souls using a helicopter, but not after Dr. Grace is shot in the stomach by Colonel Quaritch. Jake puts her into a hospital bed on the helicopter and her goes into a machine so he can connect with his Avatar.
38. Jake's Avatar finds his blue Banshee and begins to fly it.
39. Jake flies over the Great Leonopteryx and jumps off his Banshee on to the Leonopteryx's back. When he lands, he creates the bond with the huge animal and becomes the seventh Toruk Makto (Rider of the Last Shadow). Jake flies it to the Tree of Souls.
40. The helicopter arrives at the Tree of Souls and they lie Grace down by the tree, beside her Avatar. The Na'vi sing songs to Grace as she passes through the eye of Eywa.
41. Grace's injuries were too great, so she dies.
42. The Omatacaya fly off with their Banshee to find the other clans. They want to join together to fight the RDA.
43. Colonel Quaritch gathers his army together to tell them his battle plans. Afterwards, they all get their weapons and aircraft together to fight.
44. Jake's Avatar goes to the Tree of Souls to talk to Eywa. After a while, Neytiri joins him.
45. Colonel Quaritch and his army land in the mountains and start attacking the Na'Vi.
46. The Na'Vi suddenly appear with their Dire Horses and Banshee. They attack the RDA with bows and arrows and cannons.
48. Jake does his last video log. He talks about how he is staying in Pandora and how the humans are leaving. He also talks about how he will become a real Na'Vi and when that happens, he will think of it as his new "birthday".
49. All the machines, bulldozers, etc. are taken back to Earth.
50. Nearly all humans including Parker Selfridge leave Pandora, never to return. Jake is the only one who stays behind.
51. Jake goes to the Tree of Souls with the help of a breathing mask and meets his Avatar. His human body is transferred into his Avatar hybrid body, turning him into a real Avatar. He stays with his mate Neytiri in the nw himeof the Omatacaya.
Trudy attacks the Colonel's big airship in her helicopter, but he returns fire. Trudy knows she can't risk it, so she tries to get away. Quaritch leaves her be and decides to go after Jake on the Great Leonopteryx. Meanwhile, Neytiri is in the process of taking down a helicopter, when her Banshee is shot down and killed. Neytiri is alright, for the leaves and plants of the forest cushion her.
Tsu'tey jumps onto the plane Valkyrie, and kills the people who are shooting, but he falls off the plane to his death. The Colonel manages to bomb down Trudy, She doesn't survive.
Down on the ground, a bunch of people are in AMP suits, with are suits that are much like robots that a person sits in and controls. Neytiri is about to attack one, against Jake's advice, when suddenly a pack of Hammerheads charge and destroy much of whatever is in their path. Viper Wolves come in and follow suit, doing their job a bit more accurately. Suddenly, a Thanator appears out of the dense trees. To Neytiri's surprise, it allows her to make the bond with it. She does, and gets on it.
Back in the air, Jake lands on the Valkyrie. He drops a grenade on it, and it detonates. The crew cannot manage to keep it under control, and it crashes to the ground. Jake takes off again, this time in the direction of the Colonel's plane, the Dragon. He drops two bombs on it; Jake and the Colonel are the only ones who can escape the fiery inferno of the exploding ship. He lands on the ground in an AMP suit. Neytiri attacks the Colonel with the Thanator, but the Colonel manages to kill the Thantor, pinning Neytiri under it. Jake appears out of the bushes which cushioned his fall. Colonel Quaritch taunts him and breaks the glass of the RDA building. He opens up a couple of units that connect humans to their Avatar, but doesn't get Jake's, only damages it. Before Quaritch can get to Jake's machine, Neytiri struggles free from under the Thanator and kills the Colonel with two arrows. Human Jake falls out of his badly damaged unit and struggles to breathe. Neytiri realizes that Jake needs help and runs into the building. She finds a breathing mask and gives it to him, saving Jake's life.
Avatar Summary
The movie starts out with Jake being in the transport plane to Pandora, in place of his dead twin brother Tom who was mugged and killed. After a 5 year trip where Jake was in cyrosleep, the plane lands on Pandora and Jake wheels out in his wheelchair. He goes to the RDA base and is introduced to Tom's Avatar hybrid. Afterwards, Jake meets Norm Spellman and Dr. Grace Augustine, the leader of the Avatar program. Grace takes Jake to the machines that can connect him to his Avatar. Jake enters one and finds himself in a hospital as his Avatar and runs out, happy to have the use of his legs again, since he is really paralyzed. Jake gets out of the machine and goes to see Colonel Quaritch. The Colonel tells him that if he gets intel from the Na'Vi (natives), Quaritch will fund a surgery so he can get the use of his legs back. Later, Jake goes back to his Avatar and goes to a forest with the Avatars of Norm and Grace. As Norm and Grace study plant life, Jake wanders off to come face-to-face with a group of Hammerhead Titanotheres. Grace tells him to hold his ground, when a Thanator, the deadliest creature of Pandora, appears behind him. He runs and is forced to jump off a cliff, right into a waterfall. Luckily, he survives. He goes into bunch of trees and is spotted by Neytiri. She readys herself to shoot him, when a Woodsprite seed lands on the tip of her arrow. She determines it to be a sign from Eywa. Meanwhile, a search party is sent out for Jake, who is suddenly attacked by a pack of Viper Wolves. He tries to defend himself but then Neytiri jumps out and kills the wolves for him. He thanks her, but she gets angry and tells him he fought like a child and that those wolves didn't have to die. Jake follows Neytiri and stops her to talk to her and apologise. Suddenly, a bunch of woodsprite land all over Jake as Neytiri looks on in awe. Just then a rope snakes out and gets Jake around the legs. He falls and is dragged to a group of Na'Vi warriors on Dire Horses. Jake is taken to meet Neytiri's parents: Eytukan, the clan chief, and Mo'at, the spiritual leader of the clan. Neytiri tells them about the Woodsprite and Jake is not executed. He is allowed to stay and when he goes to sleep, his human self wakes up.

Jake eats, then goes back to his Avatar. Neytiri takes him to teach him to ride a Dire Horse and make the bond with an animal. He tries riding, but fails miserably. Jake takes a break and goes as his human self with Grace, Norm, and Trudy (his pilot) to the Hallelujah Mountains. After visiting the beautiful place filled with floating mountains, Jake goes back to his Avatar hybrid. Jake goes on a hunting expedition with Neyiri and kills an animal. Neytiri tells him he is ready to become a real warrior and one of the Omatacaya clan. Eytukan, Tsu'tey, Jake, and another Na'Vi go up to the Hallelujia Mountains. Neytiri joins then on her Banshee, a dragon-like creature. After much climbing, the group reaches a Banshee nest. Jake asks Neytiri how he will know which Banshee to choose and she replies that the right one will try to kill him. Jake wanders through the nest when a blue Banshee attacks him. Jake wrestles with the Banshee and finally manages to make the bond before it kills him. Jake starts flying his Banshee and the rest join him. All of a sudden, an orange Great Leonopteryx attacks Neytiri and Jake and they escape into the trees. Afterwards, The 2 make it back to Hometree and Jake is made as one of the Omatacaya (or "The People"). Neytiri takes him to the Tree of Voices and tells him he must choose a mate and she suggests a few women, but Jakes says he chooses her, and they mate. The two go to sleep under the tree.

Jake goes back to the human world for a moment to eat. While he does that, the Tree of Voices is taken down by a huge bulldozer. When he wakes up, he finds himself being dragged by Neytiri and gets up. He smashes the cameras on the bulldozer so the driver back at the RDA base can't see what he's doing. Jake and Neytiri run back to Hometree and Jake confesses he knew it would happen. Eytukan orders Jake and Grace to be bound. The People go to attack the RDA with bows and arrows, but they are gassed out and the Na'Vi start running. Hometree is taken down and everyone who is still ok evacuates. Mo'at unties Jake and Grace and asks him for help. Back at the RDA base, the Colonel unplugs Grace and Jake from the machines and throws them and Norm in a jail cell. Trudy comes to their rescue and they escape in her helicopter, but not before Quaritch starts firing at them and gets Grace in the stomach. Jake puts her in a hospital bed in the helicopter and goes into a machine to connect with his hybrid. Avatar Jake finds his Banshee and goes in the direction of the Tree of Souls, where all the Omatacaya are. On the way, he finds himself above the Great Leonopteryx (also known as a Toruk, meaning "Last Shadow") and jumps onto it's back. He manages to make the bong with it and becomes the seventh Toruk Makto (or Rider of the Last Shadow). Trudy's helicopter arrives at the Tree of Souls and Avatar Jake puts Grace down beside the tree. The Omatacaya try to save the dying Grace, but she was too badly wounded. The Omatacaya leave to gather the rest of the clans to fight. Meanwhile, Colonel Quaritch is giving his army a pep talk and stating his battle plans.

Jake goes to the Tree of Souls to talk to it. Neytiri joins him and tells him Eywa can hear everything. They return to the rest of the Na'Vi just as the RDA land in the mountains, the chosen battleground. The RDA wonder where their enemy is when suddenly the Na'Vi burst out of the trees with their weapons, Banshee, and Dire Horses. Up in the air, Trudy attacks Colonel Quaritch's huge Dragon Gunshipwith her Samson helicopter. Quaritch attacks back and Trudy retreats, not willing to risk it, but not before damaging the Dragon's outer armor. He spots Jake on the Great Leonopteryx and goes after him. At the same time, Neytiri's Banshee is shot down, but she is fine and Tsu'tey lands on the Valkyrie, another huge airship carrying many bombs and weaponry. Tsu'tey kills all the gunmen on the Valkyrie, but is shot and falls off the plane, not surviving the impact of the ground. Trudy is bombed down and doesn't survive and Neytiri decides to go after a man in an AMP suit (a robot-like suit that is controlled by the person inside) against the orders of Jake. But before she can do anything, a pack of wild animals jumps out of the trees and kills the man in the AMP suit. A Thanator stops beside beside Neytiri and much to her surprise, lets her make the bond with it. She gets on it and kills more of the RDA.

Jake's Avatar drops a bomb on the Valkyrie which detonates. The crew can't keep control and the plane plummets to the ground. Jake then goes to the Colonel's ship and drops a grenade in the air vent, ripping a hole in the armor of the ship. He is able to drop a missile on the ship too, causing the ship to plummet and explode. Quaritch is the only other survivor other than Jake because he put on his personal AMP suit and jumped off the cargo hold. On the ground, he is attacked by Neytiri but manages to kill the Thanator, pinning Neytiri under it. When he is about to kill her, Jake jumps out and has a fight with the Colonel. Quaritch taunts him and then breaks a window in the RDA base. He opens every machine, hoping to get to Jake's and killing him, but Jake fends him off before he can do so. But the toxic Pandorian air is getting into Jake's badly damaged machine, and he is struggling to breathe. Before Colonel Quaritch can get to Jake, Neytiri struggles free and kills Quaritch with 2 arrows. Jake falls out of his machine, falling unconscious. Neytiri runs into the building and gives Jake a breathing mask, saving him.

Jake does his last video log, telling how almost all the humans are leaving, not including some trusted people like Dr. Max Patel and Norm Spellman. He and Neytiri watch the humans go along with the people who are staying. After, Jake is transferred into a real Avatar in by combining his human body with his Avatar hybrid. Mo'at performs the ritual, and Jake stays with the Omatacaya forever.
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