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No description

Zulikhaa Hussain

on 16 January 2013

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Transcript of Scratch

SCRATCH Scratch is a free educational programming language, it is often used in schools. To make games, animations. It was designed by Mitchel Resnick in 2006. Then a new page shouold come up. with this icon you can design your own sprite. when you click on this icon a random sprite will be
selected for you is where you put the
commands in order To edit you sprite To add sound or record sound You can also edit you sprite. Go to costumes, then click on edit on the first sprite. When you have created your own sprite. Then click ok To create your own background click on the white
background to edit it Then click on background, then edit like you did with the sprite. Then you have a background Now to make your sprite move You can drag anyone from those three Add how much steps
you want it to move for I added one step Click on the
green flag to start Then press space for it to move, if you want you can change what to press You can add more movements. You can play around with it, until you get what you want it to do How to share your scratch project online click share
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