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Five File Format

No description

Todd King

on 4 February 2014

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Transcript of Five File Format

Full Monthly vs FFF

What are the files?




To provide Idaho school districts the ability to upload differential data, allowing instructional staff access to timely data to support instruction.

SDE ISEE website
Documentation is available online for Districts/Charters as well as for Vendors to facilitate effective and consistent State Reporting
Student Demographics
Student Course Enrollment
Staff Demographics
Staff Assignments
Student Test Results
File Naming Convention
Select your SFTP Client (FileZilla, WinSCP, etc.)
Setting up SFTP
Contact SDE Support to obtain SFTP credentials.
Input settings and credentials and test connection.
Test upload and confirm with SDE Support.
After the FFF Upload
When students are loaded into Schoolnet through this process, will they automatically be loaded in a database within Discovery Education?
Through the FFF process students will have access to Discovery. However, the classrooms inside of Discovery are not part of this process so you will have to work with Discovery individually. The FFF and ISEE process just allow access to Discovery but does not allow the passing of data for classrooms or sections.
Once we start this do we have to continue nightly or can we do this as needed?
If you want to participate one time to get students loaded you may do that but you don’t need to continue to use the process. It is essentially at your own discretion.
The benefit to using the FFF is tracking your transitions through the school year. You’re welcome to submit nightly, weekly, bi-weekly, or every two weeks, it is totally up to your own discretion.
Which fields will be required to upload to SchoolNet?
There is a breakdown of the necessary fields that Required, Optional and Not Needed to be sent in order to updated SchoolNet. If you are using SchoolNet then you should already have a good idea of what data is already there. If that’s the data you are concerned with and want to see in SchoolNet you will want to make sure it is included in the uploads.
Can we submit files from two multiple systems?
Yes. Manually, this is not an issue as you would extract and send through your SFTP client. For automated FFF transmissions, this process would need to be setup within each system to send the specific file(s).
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