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Toilet Paper Strength Test

Testing four different brands of tp for strength.

Payton Lee

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of Toilet Paper Strength Test

By: Payton Lee Payton's Toilet Paper Strength Experiment: Step One: Collecting Necessary Items Step Five: Adding Pennies Choose four brands of toilet paper.
Be careful to select all of one type. I used 2-ply.
Here is what I used:
Quilted Northern,
Angel Soft,
Tissue Paper (no name brand from Wal Mart) and White Cloud
Collect: water dropper, pennies, rubber band, pen, paper to record results, cup, and water.

Step Two: Listing Toilet Paper Step Three: Beginning Experiment Fill dropper with water, and slowly add drops of water on the surface of the tp secured to top of cup.
Make sure to completely wet the surface of the tp. Step Four: Conducting Experiment Directly after adding the water to the tp,
place pennies gently on top of tp over the
cup- one penny at a time. Using the pen and paper, list the brands of toilet
paper you will use in your experiment. Take a square from first brand of tp and put over the top
of a cup. Using a rubber band, secure the tp over the top
of the cup. Conclusion: Once you have finished your experiment, compare your results. The toilet paper that holds the most pennies will be the strongest. My conclusion was that the toilet paper called Quilted Northern was the strongest. It held the most pennies. Nineteen in all. Step Six: Breaking Point Keep adding pennies until the toilet paper breaks and the pennies fall into the cup. Step Seven: Testing Each Brand Continue experiment by following the steps used on the first brand of toilet paper, and test the remaining brands of toilet paper. Record your results on the paper.
My results:
Quilted Northern held 19 pennies
Angel Soft held 17 pennies
Bathroom Tissue (no name brand from Wal Mart) held 15 pennies
White Cloud held only 1 penny Watch my video experiment at:
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