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Human Trafficking... as a social issue

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Jennifer Truong

on 1 May 2014

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Transcript of Human Trafficking... as a social issue

Human Trafficking... as a Social Issue
What is Human Trafficking?
Human trafficking is the trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or commercial sexual exploitation for the trafficker or others.
Social Problem???
- everybody!
- everybody can be a victim whether they're a woman, man, or a child
- both
Why should it be of interest to sociologists?
It should be important, because it affects the causes and outcomes of other different issues such as prostitution, drugs, alcoholism, and mental, emotional, and physical abuse.
Why do We Care?
Trafficking Statistics
Statistics show...
- estimated 27 million people in bondage to human trafficking
- average age is 12 years old
- 1-2% of victims are ever rescued (270,000 - 540,000 people)
- 1 in 100,000 European traffickers are ever convicted
- average life expectancy for a child forced into sexual slavery is 7 years
As the world’s fastest growing criminal industry, it affects every nation across the globe. Every thirty seconds, someone is forced into this type of bondage—modern slavery. Which is more slavery than ever in the world, even the African trade slavery.
From the Functionalist Perspective...
human trafficking is a business that profits about $32 billion a year, which is second to drug trafficking
Founded in 2009, Traffick911 is a charitable organization, partnering with abolitionists from all around the world driven to stop the sale of American children into sexual slavery for the profit and pleasure of their perpetrators.

Traffick911 was named the 2013 Outstanding Organization of the Year by the Fort Worth Commission for Women with commendations by the Fort Worth City Council, mayor and a State Senator. They have also been recognized by Homeland Security Investigations as a most-valued partner in this battle to save our American children from sexual slavery.
Traffick911 has done different things around the metroplex to speak to and help trafficked victims, such as going on the streets talking to prostitutes and even things afterwards like giving them donated business attire and makeovers to help find jobs.
Works Cited
"Who Is Traffick911?" Traffick911. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. <https://www.traffick911.com/about/#.U2Fv4_ldVyU>.
"THE FACTS." The A21 Campaign. N.p., n.d. Web. 30 Apr. 2014. <http://www.thea21campaign.org/content/the-facts/gjekag>.
The A21 Campaign
Though started in Australia, there are nine other agencies within A21 all over the world, including in the US, Great Britain, Greece, South Africa and other countries.

They prosecute traffickers and strengthen the legal response to human trafficking. They provide legal counsel to every victim in their care, and represent them in criminal proceedings and protect those who have been trafficked by building shelters and transition homes.
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