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Writing to Argue - Write about a film you either love or loathe.

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Karen Walker

on 5 June 2017

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Transcript of Writing to Argue - Write about a film you either love or loathe.

Linguistic Techniques

Rhetorical question
You - address the reader
Facts & Opinions

Aim for 5 different types in your answer.

Plan which ones to use before writing your answer
Think of 5 reasons why you love or loathe the film you are going to write about. Each reason will form a paragraph in your answer.
Example Paragraph
Above all, the most compelling reason for hating this film is the time it takes to watch it!

Whilst I understand that depth and detail can improve the cinematic experience,
one can not ignore the fact that it eats up three hours of your life. You can't get that time back so why waste it on a meaningless story? Indeed, the average length of a blockbuster film is just 98 minutes so why did the makers feel the need to add on an extra 100?
I had a particularly gruelling experience when I went to watch this at the cinema as the projector broke on four occasions during the course of the viewing, lengthening the film by an extra hour! I felt like I was trapped in a never-ending saga. Just like Bilbo Baggins, I experienced a tiresome, arduous and exhausting journey which felt like it was never going to end. Relief flooded over me as the end credits began to roll; I was free to escape the torture chamber of the cinema. I had just spent the last four hours on my own 'unexpected journey', one of boredom and frustration.

Structure of a writing to argue paragraph
Features of Writing to Argue
Influencing the reader to your point of view using a series of logical arguments. You must acknowledge the other side of the argument.
Mark Scheme
Sentence structure
Linguistic features - READ
Write about a film you either love or loathe.
AQA GCSE English Controlled Assessment Task for submission 2016
Another reason for reducing the age rating on violent video games is that the number of teenagers who are not affected far outweigh the number who do exhibit violent tendencies.
Whilst many people believe that playing violent video games during the 'tender' teenage years increases the likelihood of violent outbursts, I have to disagree with their argument.
Have these people ever played video games? How have they come to this conclusion one must ask? As a teenager myself, I often partake in an after-school video game session and fully enjoy the escapism they offer following an arduous day of testing and questioning. Indeed, a recent survey at our school revealed that 80% of students regularly play video games which involve material of an adult nature. Yet, these students don't wield knives or violently abuse fellow students or staff.

R - repetition
E - expanded noun phrase
A - anecdotal experience
D - damn! Colloquial language

M - metaphors, similes & personification
Y - you - direct address

R - rhetorical question
U - us, we, our - personal pronouns
L - lists
E - emotive language
S - sound effects - alliteration, assonance
Sentence Structure


Start with 2 adjectives
Start with a 'ly' word
Start with a 'ing' word
End with a 'ing word
Sandwich technique
Prepositional phrase
Start with a conjunction
End with a conjunction
Discourse Markers
Argument - development
But why would you want to talk about the opposition's point of view?

Well, because it shows that you are the kind of person who weighs up the possible alternatives before deciding which side to choose! It makes it clear that you have been intelligent enough to assess all options.
Writing to argue
- explaining why you love or loathe the film you have chosen and providing valid and logical reasons for why you have chosen that film.

There is also an element of persuading the reader to agree with your point of view.
The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey
I HATE this film!
Reason 1
Lack of female lead characters.
Reason 2
Lack of personality in any of the characters.
Reason 3
It's far too long! 1 book = 3 films!
Reason 4
Overuse of CGI and 3D effects.
Reason 5
The plot is boring and pales in comparison to LOTR.
Rule of 3
Facts & Opinions
Address the reader
Anecdotal experience
Topic sentence/Argument
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