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Wide Awake - Ideology

No description

Sarah Korath

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of Wide Awake - Ideology

Ideology in
Wide Awake

Mr. Davis
Ideology - "change is bad"
Based on extreme conservative beliefs
Keep the "textbook version" of history
"...he still held on to the idea that, say, indigenous Americans got a great deal when the Pilgrims came over...Jimmy and I figured we could get through it because other teachers told us the truth, not just the Thanksgiving version."
Against equal rights
"Every time another became equal to straight white guys, it made Mr. Davis feel like he had that much less power..."
"'I've had it up to here with this so called equality...'"
"Slippery Slope"
"...What next? Are we going to start having serial killers elected as President? I'll bet some of you would like that."
America's Foundation
"Oh, you have all the answers now do you? Jimmy had already been asked this when he'd pointed out that the Founding Fathers were far from flawless and that the Constitution and Bill of Rights were best viewed as starter documents, not ends in themselves..."
Living in the past
Mr. Davis is an Iraq War Re-enactor
The process of changing America becomes slower
Sarah Korath
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