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mn booklet

No description

skyler sherrett

on 23 December 2012

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Transcript of mn booklet

by:Skyler Sherrett MN booklet state bird our state bird is the Common Loon the common loon carry's there young on there back and spend most there time in water and on land they are very wobbly state fish Our state fish is the walleye the walleye is a joy for all fishermen to catch and are a delicious meal and swim all around our lakes state tree Our sate tree is the red pine also known the norwegian pine which is beautiful decor for around the house state flower our state flower is the beautiful pink and white lady slipper the pink and white lady slipper are beautiful and are illegal to pick at any time of the year state muffin this delicious blueberry muffin melts in your mouth and is the one of the greatest thing to wake up in the morning to state rock our state rock is the lake superior agate the agate is a beautiful rock that comes in multiple colors state grain YUM!!!! Our state grain is the wild rice which is harvested of the top of the surface of the water STATE DRINK Our state drink is milk from the cow and most cows are raised on dairy farms which is a great summer job State animal Our state animal is the 13 striped gopher this gopher is accessibly active on the warm sunny cloud less days
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