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Retention strategies for existing SMB Customers

No description

Ray Carreon

on 29 October 2015

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Transcript of Retention strategies for existing SMB Customers

Retention Strategies for Existing SMB Customers

Quick Notes from the 2013 Annual Report
First Idea.....
"Strategic business services are the next-generation capabilities that lead AT&T’s most advanced solutions"
How have these business services performed to this point?
Retention/Acquisition Campaigns
Renewal Discounts
Identify expiring contracts
Target customers based on time left on existing contracts (Months, weeks, days)
Create renewal urgency with hard deadlines to receive special discounts
Project Velocity IP (VIP)
Plan to extend IP-Broadband to 57 million reach in 2015 and 2016, current marketing efforts reach 27 Million customers

10.7 Million U-Verse subscribers, 10.4 Million Internet subscribers, and 5 Million Video subscribers
Looks good, sounds good, but what about Business?
U-Verse business revenues up 27.9% now annualized at $13B, while U-Verse Broadband gains in business accounts up 78,000 subscriptions, almost doubling from a year ago
Social Media
Mobile Messaging
Email Campaigns
Voice Broadcast
Instant Messaging
Developer API
RingCentral Office @ Hand
Toggle App
$'s off to renew data and wire-line
Renew contract with smartphone offer geared for SMB
Wire-Line & data customers receive mobility offer with renewal on same date
Offer bandwith upgrades at a discount for SMB's that qualify
Cloud based phone system discounts with wire-line service offers
More Ideas!
Wireline customer, one month free every 12 months
Customers adding additional services to their bundle receive 1 month free or % off of the monthly bill "The more you buy the more you save"
B2B referral program, $10 off a month for the referring party and new customer
Continue to aggressively promote cloud services (Intuit and Emergent Research estimate current adoption at 37% and expected to rise to 78% by 2020)
Live chat embedded in email
Live chat embedded in email creating a direct line of communication between existing customers/prospect to sales contact
Connect to sales contact in seconds
Live chat is compatible on all tablets and smartphones currently offered by AT&T
Delivers a personal customer service experience and allows the user to be able to contact AT&T 24/7 regarding products offered in email

Lets take a look into the future by looking at the past
AT&T Website Solutions
AT&T Tech Support 360
AT&T Mobile Applications
Business Messaging
Enhanced Push-To-Talk
Telenav Track
Website Plans
Build It For Me Plans
Business Tools
Server Solutions
Subscription Service Packages
One-Time Services
Online Data Backup
Server Support

Integrated Audio
Web & Video Conference
Now more than $9 Billion in annualized revenues and more than 27 percent of total business revenue
More than half of total business data revenues
55,000 business IP broadband gains
Identify businesses without websites
Present options for website builds
Present advantages that AT&T has over your competitors
Present services that work with the websites to have SMB owners reach more customers like...
Messaging Toolkit
Lets take a deeper look
Use firmagraphics to tailor website plans based on packages offered (Informational, Personal, E-Commerce, Blog, Company Website) ranging from $30 t0 $120/monthly, for BIFM
Offer website services to existing customers creating upsell opportunity for faster internet bundles

Additional Services
Business Television
57% of non-home based businesses have a TV in use and 85% are subscribing to pay TV. 40% of businesses have indicated their ideal bundle would include TV -Sattelite, Cable, Telco TV
Strategies for Increasing ROI
Online Display Re-targeting
Test re-targeting display for retention and acquisition
Chat capability can be added to online advertising units
Prospects exposed to these display ads are 38% more likely to use ad-related branded keyword searches over the initial exposure time frame
Prospects exposed to marketing and display campaigns are more likely to be converted into customers compared to only being exposed to display ads
Re-targeting is the most effective method of driving prospects back to website-- 726% lift in site visitation within four weeks of initial exposure
This method resulted in 1046% lift in brand search within same four week period of initial exposure
72% of e-commerce shoppers abandon their shopping carts before, never making a final purchase
Without re-targeting only 8% of customers return to make a purchase
With re-targeting and other methods of marketing the number grows to 26%
Acquisition combined with re-targeting can lead to 147% higher conversion rates
ComScore Study:
Allows network administrators more control over access and use of work related apps that have sensitive information--BYOD
Cloud based phone and fax system ideal for SMB offices
OMI has approximately 20 MM businesses on file without URL's
When they click on the "Chat" button or link, they get a simple form to initiate the chat
Banner Ad
Print Ad
Direct Mail
Display Monitor
Click on:
Chat Button
Chat Link
Email Link
Scan QR Code
Submit Chat Request
Computer Monitor Pop-up Chat Window
Text to Cell Phone with Direct Chat Link
Email with Direct Chat Link
Business Messaging
Enhanced Push-To-Talk
Telenav Track
AT&T Mobile Applications
Website Plans
Build It For Me Plans
Business Tools
Server Solutions
AT&T Connect
AT&T Revenue 2013
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